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Much Higher Levels For Atlas Arteria

Technicals | May 14 2019

This story features ATLAS ARTERIA. For more info SHARE ANALYSIS: ALX

By Michael Gable 

With similarities to last year, stocks are getting cheaper on trade tensions, despite the US economy doing very well and the Federal Reserve not interested in tipping it into a recession. This means that having a bit of cash ready to go could be prudent to take advantage of the buying opportunities that it will provide.

Having said that, you don't need to throw out the good companies.  In terms of stock analysis this week, charting commentary is on Atlas Arteria ((ALX)).

We had a look at the fundamentals and technicals of ALX on March 26. We liked the company and in terms of the chart, commented that there was plenty of support near $6.80 and a break of $7.15 would be a buy signal. We can see here that buying has been stepping in anywhere near $6.80 (indicated by the arrows) as the stock continues to form higher lows. The last few days has seen strong buying which is pushing it towards an all-time high. The strength of the price action tells us that there is a very good chance that ALX goes on to resume the longer-term uptrend and therefore see much higher levels during the year. 

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