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FNArena Windows offers subscribers the option to investigate ASX-listed stocks against their peers. FNArena developed its own sector methodology which in our view overcomes many flaws and disadvantages connected with GICS sectors. Our system starts with three broad sector labels: COMMODITIES, FINANCIAL SERVICES and INDUSTRIALS. From here onwards subscribers can explore further through gradually narrowing branches. This is not investment advice, but simply another window on the Australian Stock Exchange to provide better insight and to assist FNArena subscribers while conducting their own market analysis.

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A glance through the latest expert views and predictions about commodities: gold; thermal coal; copper; aluminium/alumina; and iron ore

11:01 AM

Amid burgeoning lithium prices Galaxy Resources has outlined a development plan for Sal de Vida that exceeds expectations on most metrics. What could possibly go wrong?

Apr 15 2021

ALK ALKANE RESOURCES LIMITED $0.72 $1.54 $0.66 13.8


ALQ ALS LTD $10.09 $11.69 $5.75 27.0


AMI AURELIA METALS LIMITED $0.45 $0.66 $0.28 8.0


AWC ALUMINA LIMITED $1.78 $1.96 $1.35 17.1


BGL BELLEVUE GOLD LTD $0.89 $1.49 $0.53


BHP BHP GROUP $47.33 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
CDA CODAN LIMITED $18.12 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
CDD CARDNO LIMITED $0.74 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
CHN CHALICE GOLD MINES LIMITED $6.44 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
CIA CHAMPION IRON LIMITED $6.27 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
CMM CAPRICORN METALS LIMITED $1.81 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
CRN CORONADO GLOBAL RESOURCES $0.86 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
DCN DACIAN GOLD LIMITED $0.38 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
DOW DOWNER EDI LIMITED $5.16 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
DRR DETERRA ROYALTIES LIMITED $4.17 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
EHL EMECO HOLDINGS LTD $0.92 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
EVN EVOLUTION MINING LIMITED $4.42 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
FMG FORTESCUE METALS GROUP LTD $20.95 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
GOR GOLD ROAD RESOURCES LIMITED $1.26 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
GXY GALAXY RESOURCES LIMITED $3.46 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
HAS HASTINGS TECHNOLOGY METALS LTD $0.19 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
IGO IGO LIMITED $7.17 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
ILU ILUKA RESOURCES LIMITED $7.37 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
IMD IMDEX LIMITED $1.83 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
INR IONEER LTD $0.38 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
IPL INCITEC PIVOT LIMITED $2.80 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
JMS JUPITER MINES LIMITED $0.33 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
KGL KGL RESOURCES LIMITED $0.78 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
KLL KALIUM LAKES LIMITED $0.23 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
LYC LYNAS RARE EARTHS LIMITED $6.25 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
MCR MINCOR RESOURCES NL $1.03 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
MGX MOUNT GIBSON IRON LIMITED $0.90 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
MIN MINERAL RESOURCES LIMITED $45.18 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
MMI METRO MINING LIMITED $0.07 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
MND MONADELPHOUS GROUP LIMITED $10.79 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
MSV MITCHELL SERVICES LIMITED $0.42 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NCM NEWCREST MINING LIMITED $26.85 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NCZ NEW CENTURY RESOURCES LIMITED $0.19 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NHC NEW HOPE CORPORATION LIMITED $1.38 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NIC NICKEL MINES LIMITED $1.31 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NST NORTHERN STAR RESOURCES LTD $10.89 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NVX NOVONIX LIMITED $2.30 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NWH NRW HOLDINGS LIMITED $2.00 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
OGC OCEANAGOLD CORPORATION $2.15 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
ORE OROCOBRE LIMITED $6.18 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
ORI ORICA LIMITED $14.42 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
OZL OZ MINERALS LIMITED $24.50 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
PAN PANORAMIC RESOURCES LIMITED $0.16 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
PLS PILBARA MINERALS LIMITED $1.26 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
PRN PERENTI GLOBAL LIMITED $1.07 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
PRU PERSEUS MINING LIMITED $1.27 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
RED RED 5 LIMITED $0.19 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
RIO RIO TINTO LIMITED $117.71 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
RMS RAMELIUS RESOURCES LIMITED $1.72 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
RRL REGIS RESOURCES LIMITED $2.69 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
RSG RESOLUTE MINING LIMITED $0.51 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
S32 SOUTH32 LIMITED $2.94 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SBM ST BARBARA LIMITED $2.07 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SFR SANDFIRE RESOURCES NL $5.81 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SLR SILVER LAKE RESOURCES LIMITED $1.79 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SO4 SALT LAKE POTASH LIMITED $0.44 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SSR SSR MINING INC $19.82 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
STA STRANDLINE RESOURCES LTD $0.21 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SVW SEVEN GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED $23.21 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SYR SYRAH RESOURCES LIMITED $1.08 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
WAF WEST AFRICAN RESOURCES LIMITED $1.02 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
WGX WESTGOLD RESOURCES LIMITED $2.26 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
WHC WHITEHAVEN COAL LIMITED $1.56 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
WSA WESTERN AREAS NL $2.25 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
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