The Short Report

Weekly Reports | Mar 14 2019


The Short Report draws upon data provided by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) to highlight significant weekly moves in short positions registered on stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Short positions in exchange-traded funds (ETF) and non-ordinary shares are not included. Short positions below 5% are not included in the table below but may be noted in the accompanying text if deemed significant.

Please take note of the Important Information provided at the end of this report. Percentage amounts in this report refer to percentage of ordinary shares on issue.

Stock codes highlighted in green have seen their short positions reduce in the week by an amount sufficient to move them into a lower percentage bracket. Stocks highlighted in red have seen their short positions increase in the week by an amount sufficient to move them into a higher percentage bracket. Moves in excess of one percentage point or more are discussed in the Movers & Shakers report below.


Week ending March 7, 2019

Last week saw the ASX200 rally on the bad-news-is-good-news theme, as a weak GDP result prompted anticipation of a pending RBA rate cut. The index peaked out on the final day once the market realised the whole world was slowing down.

It was the first week beyond the end of result season although we did see a late result from Myer ((MYR)) that prompted quite a share price pop on the day but little change in short position.

Otherwise, as the table below suggests, shorters either took a break or decided to wind down positions possibly held for result releases. We see no less than six stocks falling off the 5%-plus shorted table and only one, ARB Corp ((ARB)), making a return.

The total number of short positions of 5% or more has been quietly diminishing from late last year.

There were no moves of one percentage point or more up or down last week so no Movers & Shakers to speak of. 

About the only move worth noting is another step-up for shorts in Bingo Industries ((BIN)), now into the 6% bracket.

 Weekly short positions as a percentage of market cap:

ING     17.2
SYR    17.2
GXY   15.8
JBH     13.1
ORE    12.2
BWX   11.2
MTS    11.1
NXT    11.1
IVC     11.0
BAL    10.3
MYR   10.1
SDA    10.1

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