SMSFundamentals is an ongoing feature series dedicated to providing SMSF trustees with valuable news, investment ideas and services, in line with SMSF requirements and obligations. Apart from specific SMSF-oriented insights and articles that can assist SMSF investment strategy, this section also includes practical tips and insights from registered experts.

Previous Stories

SMSFundamentals: Why Do You Not Own Corporate Bonds?

May 29 2018

Corporate bonds are highly suitable as a portfolio allocation for retirement investors and interest is growing, despite many Australians being unaware of their existence.

SMSFundamentals: ETF Investment Enters The Mainstream

Mar 22 2018

A recent survey suggests investment in Australian exchange traded funds continues to grow a-pace and a wider range of investors is now turning to ETF investment.

SMSFundamentals: A New Phase For Exchange-Traded Funds

Oct 13 2017

SMSF interest is growing in the latest incarnation of exchange-traded products — active ETFs.

SMSFundamentals: How Do We Rate Financial Advice?

Apr 11 2017

A recent survey has made some interesting findings on whether Australians seek financial advice and how that advice is valued.

SMSFundamentals: Can An SMSF Invest In Gold?

Apr 04 2017

There are various regulatory considerations regarding an SMSF investing in gold, jewellery or coins.

SMSFundamentals: An Alternative For The Capped-Out

Dec 15 2016

Superannuation accumulators now “capped-out” by new regulations should consider imputation bonds as an alternative investment, Austock suggests.

SMSFundamentals: When Should You Open Your Own SMSF?

Nov 30 2016

Andrew Zbik of Omniwealth notes self-managed super funds are not for everybody.

SMSFundamentals: How To Help Your Children Buy A Home

Nov 15 2016

With ten years to retirement, can you children be detrimental to your own retirement? Three ways to help your children and not have a detrimental impact on your retirement plans.

SMSFundamentals: Yield Or Growth?

Oct 27 2016

Which investment strategy has proven to provide the best risk/reward balance for the income-seeking investor over time? You may be surprised.

SMSFundamentals: The Price Of Financial Advice

Sep 19 2016

Do investors believe financial advice is actually worth the cost? A survey conducted by State Street Global Advisors has produced some interesting results.