SMSFundamentals is an ongoing feature series dedicated to providing SMSF trustees with valuable news, investment ideas and services, in line with SMSF requirements and obligations. Apart from specific SMSF-oriented insights and articles that can assist SMSF investment strategy, this section also includes practical tips and insights from registered experts.

Previous Stories

SMSFundamentals: Can An SMSF Invest In Gold?

Apr 04 2017

There are various regulatory considerations regarding an SMSF investing in gold, jewellery or coins.

SMSFundamentals: An Alternative For The Capped-Out

Dec 15 2016

Superannuation accumulators now “capped-out” by new regulations should consider imputation bonds as an alternative investment, Austock suggests.

SMSFundamentals: When Should You Open Your Own SMSF?

Nov 30 2016

Andrew Zbik of Omniwealth notes self-managed super funds are not for everybody.

SMSFundamentals: How To Help Your Children Buy A Home

Nov 15 2016

With ten years to retirement, can you children be detrimental to your own retirement? Three ways to help your children and not have a detrimental impact on your retirement plans.

SMSFundamentals: Yield Or Growth?

Oct 27 2016

Which investment strategy has proven to provide the best risk/reward balance for the income-seeking investor over time? You may be surprised.

SMSFundamentals: The Price Of Financial Advice

Sep 19 2016

Do investors believe financial advice is actually worth the cost? A survey conducted by State Street Global Advisors has produced some interesting results.

SMSFundamentals: Loan vs Gift: The Right Way To Help Out Your Kids

Sep 08 2016

Brian Hor of SUPERCentral outlines the realities of helping out your children in today’s unaffordable property market.

SMSFundamentals: SMSFs More Active Than Retail Traders

Dec 07 2015

CommSec finds SMSF trustees are not the sort of set-and-forget, long term traders one would assume they might be.

SMSFundamentals: SMSFs Increasingly Attracted To SMAs

May 18 2015

Super investors and their client advisers are becoming increasingly drawn towards the benefits of investment in Separately Managed Accounts, offering portfolios tailored by investment professionals.

SMSFundamentals: Ten Best Investment Ideas

Sep 19 2014

Investment advisor Crowe Horwath lists its ten primary themes for investing for the future from 2014.