SMSFundamentals is an ongoing feature series dedicated to providing SMSF trustees with valuable news, investment ideas and services, in line with SMSF requirements and obligations. Apart from specific SMSF-oriented insights and articles that can assist SMSF investment strategy, this section also includes practical tips and insights from registered experts.

Previous Stories

SMSFundamentals: Just One Fund Please

Jul 30 2019

Super members want government to lead on multiple accounts and default funds.

SMSFundamentals: Australians’ Net Wealth Nearly Double Since Before The GFC

Jul 22 2019

National net wealth in Australia has nearly doubled in 12 years, according to a recent update by Roy Morgan, but inequality has widened considerably at the same time.

SMSFundamentals: 10 Reasons Why Many Fund Managers Are Now Blank Spaces

Jul 17 2019

Graham Hand, Managing Editor of Cuffelinks, explains why so many fund managers fail in today’s market.

SMSFundamentals: ETFs Get Active

Apr 16 2019

A change of heart from the US SEC may open the door for rapid growth of actively managed ETFs both in the US and Australia.

SMSFundamentals: Passive And ESG Investment On The Rise

Mar 12 2019

Exchange traded fund manager BetaShares observes a shift in investor preference towards passive investment strategies and a growing demand for ESG-based alternatives.

SMSFundamentals: Is Your Super Adequate?

Nov 21 2018

Research from Roy Morgan shows Australians’ level of super contribution is dropping, leading to a risk of insufficient retirement funding.

SMSFundamentals: ETFs Reach A Milestone

Oct 19 2018

As of last month, the Australian ETF market is now bigger than the 80-year old listed investment company market.

SMSFundamentals: How We Delude Ourselves

Sep 14 2018

Cuffelinks’ Graham Hand makes note of a common error made by investors in assessing their returns.

SMSFundamentals: Women Fall Short On Super

Jul 09 2018

Women are working for longer but compared to men, are looking at a lot less super on retirement.

SMSFundamentals: Financial Advisers In Regulators’ Sights

Jul 02 2018

Australian regulators are cracking down on “one-stop shop” investment advisors to SMSFs, claiming bad advice.