SMSFundamentals is an ongoing feature series dedicated to providing SMSF trustees with valuable news, investment ideas and services, in line with SMSF requirements and obligations. Apart from specific SMSF-oriented insights and articles that can assist SMSF investment strategy, this section also includes practical tips and insights from registered experts.

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The superannuation disruptor segment has shrunk to half its peak size, with funds exiting the market in recent years having failed to resonate with the target audience

Feb 15 2023

Anuj Sharma explains how investors can exploit tax-loss harvesting among investments to reduce tax obligation

Jan 30 2023

The SMSF Association has prepared a detailed analysis about the increase in the General Transfer Balance Cap announced this week, and benefits for non-concessional contributions

Jan 27 2023

Increasing investment in ETFs comes at the expense of managed funds, as investors seek out safer options in a volatile market

Dec 15 2022

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SMSFundamentals: 2022 Fat Cat Funds Report

Oct 19 2022

Australians can boost their super by around $245,000, on average, between the ages of 35 and 65 simply by moving from a super fund charging investment fees of 0.5% per year instead of 1.5% per year, says the 2022 Fat Cat Funds Report

SMSFundamentals: Are ETFs A Game Changer?

Oct 13 2022

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are one of the major investment options for investors on the ASX that offer exposure to numerous asset classes and investment styles

ETFs: The African Equities Frontier

Sep 28 2022

Africa collectively is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and a growing number of African ETFs is providing opportunity for investors

SMSFundamentals: SMAs Hot, Retail Funds Not

Jun 07 2022

The financial services landscape in Australia is changing with recent research showing a swing toward not-for-profit funds, while the popularity of managed accounts continues to rise

SMSFundamentals: Regulation Impacts On Super Fund Strategies

Apr 07 2022

Super funds may consider new investment alternatives in a bid to outperform an annual performance test

SMSFundamentals: Super-Sized – Observations From A Private Investor

Nov 24 2021

SMSFundamentals is an ongoing feature series dedicated to providing SMSF trustees with valuable news, investment ideas and services, in line…

SMSFundamentals: The Basics Of Portfolio Construction

Nov 03 2021

Many an investment portfolio suffers from a lack of structure and/or a well-thought out strategy. The FNArena Editor shares his own insights via the experience with the All-Weather Model Portfolio

SMSFundamentals: Record Growth In ETF Markets

Oct 14 2021

The month of September was the weakest for equities this year, but that did not stop investors piling into ETFs both domestic and international, equity and fixed income.

SMSFundamentals: Are Traditional Retiree Income Strategies Flawed?

Jul 20 2021

Martin Currie Australia argues that a focus on equity-based investment solutions that solve a client’s income needs is more important than ever in a post covid world

SMSFundamentals: Pandemic Widens Super Gap

Apr 28 2021

Women and young workers are being encouraged to focus on rebuilding their super after early release super payments throughout the covid-19 pandemic have widened the gender super gap