FNArena Windows

Introduction to FNArena Windows

FNArena Windows offers subscribers the option to investigate ASX-listed stocks against their peers. FNArena developed its own sector methodology which in our view overcomes many flaws and disadvantages connected with GICS sectors. Our system starts with three broad sector labels: COMMODITIES, FINANCIAL SERVICES and INDUSTRIALS. From here onwards subscribers can explore further through gradually narrowing branches. This is not investment advice, but simply another window on the Australian Stock Exchange to provide better insight and to assist FNArena subscribers while conducting their own market analysis.

AX1 $1.36


$2.20 $0.56 12.7



BBN $3.30


$4.03 $1.51 23.1



CCX $2.90


$3.67 $0.72 35.5



MYR $0.21


$0.66 $0.08 17.3



PMV $17.08


$21.56 $8.13 25.6



WES $46.11


$47.42 $29.75 27.4



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