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Introduction to FNArena Windows

FNArena Windows offers subscribers the option to investigate ASX-listed stocks against their peers. FNArena developed its own sector methodology which in our view overcomes many flaws and disadvantages connected with GICS sectors. Our system starts with three broad sector labels: COMMODITIES, FINANCIAL SERVICES and INDUSTRIALS. From here onwards subscribers can explore further through gradually narrowing branches. This is not investment advice, but simply another window on the Australian Stock Exchange to provide better insight and to assist FNArena subscribers while conducting their own market analysis.

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RESEARCH: New Standard in Pain Assessment

Pitt Street Research has initiated coverage of PainChek.

Dec 12 2018

Revenue growth in core plasma products is still expected as CSL embarks on new classes of therapy in its R&D pipeline.

Dec 06 2018

1AD $0.24


$0.40 $0.22



CSL $186.50


$232.69 $154.79 32.7



FTT $0.00 0.00% $0.09 $0.04


MYX $0.76


$1.43 $0.65 19.1



PAR $1.16


$2.15 $0.00



SPL $1.07


$1.66 $0.87



TPE $1.05


$2.06 $0.99



Previous Stories
RESEARCH: Misunderstood Neurology Drug Developer

Dec 06 2018

Pitt Street Research has initiated coverage on Neuren Pharmaceuticals.

Robust Outlook For CSL

Aug 16 2018

CSL sustained strong growth in multiple divisions in FY18 and is expected to realise benefits from an increased number of plasma collection centres in FY19.

CSL Risk Still To The Upside

Jun 14 2018

The Chartist reports CSL must at some point consolidate but for now a push through $200 is looking likely.

Margin Outlook Grows For Key CSL Products

May 21 2018

CSL is benefiting as new products replace older lines and new specialty treatments come on board, upgrading guidance and widening the margin outlook as costs are lowered.

Orthocell: Next Big Thing In Tissue Engineering?

Apr 06 2018

Regenerative medicine pioneer Orthocell closes in on market payday.

Is CSL’s Outlook Too Conservative?

Feb 15 2018

Brokers appear confident CSL could beat guidance in FY18, thanks to a maiden profit from its flu vaccine, Seqirus. The core business is also expected to be strong.

Sirtex Shifts Focus

Sep 15 2017

Setting aside the disappointment that has abounded regarding a succession of of clinical trials and studies which failed to produce results the market was expecting, Sirtex Medical has shifted focus.

CSL Marching Higher

Jun 15 2017

The Chartist suggests hold it if you’ve got it, otherwise wait for a pullback to get into CSL.

CSL Scores Significant Opportunity In China

Jun 14 2017

After many years searching, CSL has moved into the Chinese plasma market and acquired an 80% stake in a small Chinese fractionator.

Neutral Study Limits Sirtex Medical Outlook

Apr 27 2017

The Sirtex Medical SARAH study has not met its primary end-point and disappointment is reflected in some brokers re-evaluating the stock.