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Bank earnings results met expectations but broker views vary on just how bad things can get from here, with house prices falling and the Royal Commission report still due.

Dec 19 2018

Rudi’s Comprehensive August 2018 Review

A compilation of stories relating to the August 2018 corporate reporting season in Australia, published between late July and early September. Attached is FNArena’s final balance for the season.

Oct 26 2018

With bank reporting season approaching, and ANZ having already issued a warning, how do brokers assess the situation from here in the wake of the Royal Commission interim report?

Oct 10 2018

With reporting season now complete, we table the numbers and compare this season with those past.

Sep 12 2018

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China Slowing Into Trade War

Aug 13 2018

A trade war, if that is what is to eventuate, will do little to help a Chinese economy already showing clear signs of slowing.

Australian Equities Pre-August: Polarisation Remains The Word

Jul 27 2018

The story below was first published on 24 July 2018 as Weekly Insights. It has now been re-published as a Feature Story.

Gold And The Coming Crisis

Jun 28 2018

Research house Incrementum believes the tides are changing for global monetary policy, the reserve currency and technology. Such a changing of the tides could lead to another global crisis, from which gold would again provide a safe haven.

Australian Bank Reporting Season Wrap May 2018

Jun 06 2018

In the shadow of the Royal Commission, the Big Four banks have delivered results that point to a subdued outlook, while risks and uncertainties remain.

Rudi’s Comprehensive Feb 2018 Review

Mar 28 2018

A comprehensive assessment of the February 2018 reporting season that overwhelmingly surprised in a positive sense, but was unfortunately overshadowed by macro concerns.

FNArena Reporting Season Monitor February 2018

Mar 16 2018

The February 2018 result season has proven to be the most successful in the history of the FNArena Result Season Monitor.

Outlook For 2018: Australia

Jan 23 2018

Australia’s growth in 2017 has lagged that of a synchronised global economy, reflected in a positive but underperforming stock market. Is 2018 the year of catch-up? Or are further domestic pressures building?

Outlook For 2018: Global

Jan 17 2018

2017 has been a remarkable year in global markets. Will it all come to an end in 2018? Or 2019? Brokers, economists and research houses offer their views.

Australian Banks: Could Have Been Worse

Dec 14 2017

A Royal Commission is a clear negative for Australian banks but “lesser of the evils” positives dull the impact and bank valuations have already been de-rated.

Australian Banks: Reporting Season Wrap

Nov 15 2017

Take out weak market income and Australia’s major banks showed solid underlying trends in their results. But for how long?