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History is littered with bear markets and recessions. We’re in a bear market and a recession is inevitable. Can history tell us how deep and long this bear market and recession will be?

Mar 25 2020

Nothing short of containment and massive coordinated monetary and fiscal stimulus will save the global economy, economists believe. The RBA is now in on the act and the Australian government is doing its bit as well.

Mar 20 2020

The February result season started out well but faded as the month progressed. Subsequent developments nevertheless ensure past earnings results now have little relevance.

Mar 10 2020

A sluggish economy and a strong stock market in 2019. Forecasts for 2020 are becoming increasingly diverse.

Jan 29 2020

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2020 Outlook: Australia

Dec 19 2019

The Australian stock market looks set to begin 2020 on from an overvalued position, making gains in the year hard to come by.

2020 Outlook: Global

Dec 16 2019

Recession or recovery? The global economy is on a knife edge heading into 2020, due to ongoing uncertainties meeting renewed central bank support. How should investors greet the New Year?

Australian Banks: More Dividend Cuts To Come

Nov 29 2019

In the wake of bank reporting season, disappointed brokers cannot see how dividend levels can be sustained given the gale force headwinds blowing in FY20.

Taking Down The Killer Dollar

Oct 16 2019

Saxo Bank suggests the failure of a decade of monetary policy experimentation will lead the world into recession despite the lowest rates in history. It will begin with US dollar intervention.

Rudi’s Comprehensive August 2019 Review

Oct 09 2019

A comprehensive assessment of the August 2019 reporting season that might have been the worst since the GFC, but central bankers cutting rates provided ongoing support.

August 2019 Result Season: The Wrap

Sep 16 2019

The February result season was one of the worst on record. The August result season actually was the worst on record.

Australian Banks: Navigating The Mine Field

Sep 11 2019

The Royal Commission has changed the face of Australian banking, the housing market bust has killed loan demand, and ever lower RBA rates are not much helping. Nor are increasing capital requirements.

Australian Banks: Worth The Risk?

Jul 31 2019

The skies have cleared a little for Australia’s housing market, and the cash rate is falling. Are bank dividends worth the risk?

Australian Banks: New Horizons?

Jun 03 2019

Thanks to a surprise election win, a surprise APRA announcement and a big hint from the RBA, the skies are suddenly looking a lot brighter for Australia’s banks. But have the fundamentals really changed?

Modern Monetary Theory: Global Saviour Or Highway To Hell?

May 15 2019

The evidence is in: QE hasn’t worked. How now to stem the global slowdown when all options have been exhausted?