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A compilation of stories relating to the February 2022 corporate reporting season in Australia, including FNArena’s final balance for the season

Mar 21 2022

Brokers agree Australian banks are set to benefit from eventual RBA rate rises, as long as they don’t lead to recession

Mar 10 2022

The February 2022 result season has proven to be the second best in the history of the FNArena Corporate Results Monitor, following a record February 2021. But that has done little to assuage investor sentiment

Mar 07 2022

With the outlook for the gold price positive, analysts find Australian gold stocks underperforming on a historical basis, and outline their preferred exposures among large and small producers and developers

Dec 09 2021

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Equity Strategy 2022: Here We Go Again

Dec 02 2021

The emergence of omicron has sent markets and government into a potentially overwrought panic, but until we know more about the new variant the outlook is clouded

Australian Banks: Worse Before Things Get Better

Nov 24 2021

Analysts agree FY22 will be another tough year for bank margins before sentiment begins to improve and the RBA eventually raises rates

Equity Strategy: Into The Headwinds

Nov 04 2021

As central banks begin to tighten policy amidst a slowdown in the global economic recovery, it will not be such smooth sailing for equities in 2022

Evergrande’s Risk To The Australian Economy

Oct 27 2021

The risk of China’s largest property developer going into liquidation remains real, but even if Evergrande doesn’t, there are clear risks ahead for the Australian economy

Equity Strategy: Awkward Adolescence

Oct 07 2021

While the pace of the global economic recovery has slowed, the next step is another move out of covid-driven restrictions. What is the path from here for global and Australian equity markets?

Rudi’s Comprehensive August 2021 Review

Sep 27 2021

A compilation of stories relating to the August 2021 corporate reporting season in Australia, including FNArena’s final balance for the season

August 2021 Result Season: The Wrap

Sep 08 2021

After a blow-away February result season this year, the August result season proved to be only average, and still we’re at covid’s mercy

Beyond Bitcoin: Stablecoins and CBDCs

Aug 04 2021

Stablecoins provide an alternative to highly volatile crypto peers. Central Bank Digital Currencies may nevertheless signal the end of the crypto explosion

Beyond Bitcoin: Ethereum and DeFi

Jun 28 2021

In Part III of FNArena’s exploration of crypto currency, we examine the rise of Ethereum, and the implications of Ethereum’s far more extensive application capacity. An error in the original publication has now been addressed

Fund Managers’ Mid-Year Review

Jun 23 2021

As sharemarkets continue to rebound, fund managers target sectors and stocks appropriate to the next stage of the economic cycle and a new post-covid normal