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It’s been more than seven months since the initial nation-wide lockdown dramatically changed consumer behaviour. As restrictions ease, will everything go back to “normal”, or has the future of retail been altered forever?

Oct 13 2020

A comprehensive assessment of Australia’s corporate results in February and August 2020, amidst coronavirus pandemic and fall-out, economic disruption, more extreme central bank policies and ongoing tension between the world’s two super powers

Oct 02 2020

The Treasurer has re-eased bank lending restrictions recently tightened as a result of the Royal Commission, in order to stimulate the economy. Will it work?

Sep 30 2020

The August result season could be called “best ever” in terms of beats to misses, but in 2020, such a conclusion would be misinformed

Sep 09 2020

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Pandemic Effects On Retail Shopping Malls

Aug 05 2020

The pandemic is set to accelerate existing trends for retail shopping malls, with direct effects upon valuations for listed REITs

The Virus And The Rental Market

Jul 30 2020

Covid has caused all sorts of upheaval across Australia’s rented property market, with significant implications for private investors and investors in listed property stocks

Life After Covid, Part III

Jul 10 2020

With stocks markets now pricing in a V-bounce economic recovery, while the global case-count rises unabated, what are the prospects for stock markets being right? And what further considerations of a life after covid have since developed?

Life After Covid, Part II

Jun 10 2020

Central banks have now exhibited just what extent of tools they have available. Fiscal spending means deficits for a long time. Rates will not just be lower for longer, but zero. Big Tech and China are virus winners.

Life After Covid, Part I

Jun 02 2020

There has been much speculation life will have changed inexorably once the pandemic has passed, but will it? Such predictions inform where we should invest from here. Researchers and analysts offer their views.

Australian Banks: All Down To The Economy

May 25 2020

The focus of recent bank earnings reports was not that of earnings, but of capital positions and bad debt provisions in the face of a recession only just now manifesting.

Covid-19: How Will The Recovery Play Out?

May 14 2020

As economies begin to tentatively reopen in Australia and across the globe, analysts consider the possible bounce-back scenarios and sector and stock winners and losers.

The Outlook For The Economy And Stock Market

Apr 29 2020

Following a halving of peak losses for stock markets here and in the US, analysts weigh up the expected economic shock from here and whether the rebound can be justified.

Landlords Versus Tenants: Rent Relief Impact

Apr 20 2020

The government has enacted a Code of Conduct regarding landlord rent relief for SMEs, while large tenants are in negotiations, all of which will impact on REIT valuations and distributions.

Australian Banks: There Go The Dividends

Apr 08 2020

Just when bank analysts were attempting to forecast the possible extent of dividend cuts for Australia’s banks, along comes APRA to help make the banks’ decisions for them.