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There’s not much we can do to control commodity prices. Otherwise, the biggest risk to Australia’s economy next year is the housing market

Dec 15 2022

Is a global recession afoot? If so, how should investors position themselves for 2023?

Dec 07 2022

Six months ago bank analysts knew exactly what would transpire over the following six months. While the next six should also be positive, it’s a different story thereafter

Nov 23 2022

The December quarter should see ongoing market volatility in equities and bonds, Saxo Bank believes, while commodity prices should in general remain supported

Oct 07 2022

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Australian House Prices Could Fall Twenty Percent

Sep 29 2022

The US Federal Reserve’s policy aggression will force the RBA into further rate hikes that will potentially lead to a bigger house price fall than previously feared

Rudi’s Comprehensive August 2022 Review

Sep 16 2022

A compilation of stories relating to the August 2022 corporate reporting season in Australia, including FNArena’s final balance for the season

August 2022 Result Season: The Wrap

Sep 08 2022

The August 2022 result season delivered mixed numbers, featuring only a slight weighting to earnings beats, far more ratings downgrades than upgrades and the biggest cut to price targets on record

Time To Look At REITs, Selectively

Jul 22 2022

Rising interest rates have led to significant real estate sector de-rating but while cutting forecasts, brokers see the sector as oversold, however picking the right names is important

Second Half Equity Strategy

Jul 13 2022

Various institutions provide their outlooks for inflation, monetary policy and commodity prices and offer portfolio recommendations to counter current risks

Stagflation And Its Ramifications

Jun 30 2022

Stagflation warnings are back, and this has consequences for equity investment globally and locally, and investors must choose carefully among sectors and stocks

Why Not To Invest In Bitcoin

Jun 10 2022

Recent volatility in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has led the mainstream investment community to question the value of crypto as an alternative investment

Australian Banks: Headwinds And Tailwinds

May 25 2022

The conundrum for Australia’s major banks is that the benefits of rising RBA rates could yet be offset by the reason for those rate rises, being inflation and subsequent cost pressures for households and businesses

Rudi’s Comprehensive February 2022 Review

Mar 21 2022

A compilation of stories relating to the February 2022 corporate reporting season in Australia, including FNArena’s final balance for the season

Australian Banks: Of Rates And War

Mar 10 2022

Brokers agree Australian banks are set to benefit from eventual RBA rate rises, as long as they don’t lead to recession