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FNArena is one of few remaining truly independent providers of financial markets analysis, financial commentary and business news in Australia. Our Daily Financial News is not based on ASX lodgements or corporate press releases, but more so on updated views, insights and responses from stockbrokers and other experts. FNArena is not aligned with any financial institution, hence the moniker “independent”. We have a long history of publishing out-of-consensus views and market analysis. Our quest is not to be bullish or bearish, but to correctly assess future trends.

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Treasure Chest: Computershare: A Safe Haven Leveraged to Rising Rates

Jun 22 2022 - Treasure Chest

FNArena’s Treasure Chest reports on money making ideas from stockbrokers and other experts. Jarden and Morgan Stanley set higher target prices for Computershare due to leverage from rising interest rates

New Cars, Falling House Prices Dim GUD Outlook

Jun 21 2022 - Australia

GUD Holdings’ downgrade to FY22 earnings guidance has caused analysts to cut forecasts, also pulling back valuations and price targets

Carsales: Holding On

Jun 21 2022 - Technicals

Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities does not recommend any buying right now, but suggests Carsales is one to keep an eye on in a bounce

Hub24: Short-Term Volatility Weighs

Jun 20 2022 - Australia

Brokers lower price targets after Hub24’s fourth quarter net inflows were impacted by market volatility though generally remain upbeat on the longer-term outlook

Why Powell’s ‘Soft Landing’ Is Impossible

Jun 20 2022 - International

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills outlines why he thinks the Federal Reserve is chasing a pipedream if it truly believes a ‘soft landing’ is still an option while battling decades-high inflation

China’s Automakers Accelerating Output

Jun 17 2022 - International

China’s covid lockdowns have hit automakers and raw materials producers hard over the past six months, but ratings agencies believe the worst has passed

Brokers Divided Over ResMed’s SaaS Acquisition

Jun 16 2022 - Australia

Following ResMed’s purchase of Medifox Dan, brokers remain upbeat though some question the benefits of SaaS acquisitions to date

Jumbo Growth In Sight for Jumbo Interactive

Jun 16 2022 - Australia

Overseas expansion could be a lucrative growth opportunity for Jumbo Interactive, if the company can overcome barriers to enter the market

Material Matters: Oil & Gas

Jun 16 2022 - Commodities

A glance through the latest expert views and predictions about commodities: A 1970’s style global commodity shock; the energy services sector; preferred ASX energy stocks energy security & the surge in US natural gas prices.

Inflation: When Will China’s Lockdowns End?

Jun 15 2022 - International

China’s recent lockdowns, coinciding as they do with the Ukraine War, are contributing to inflation in developed markets, but is this just the beginning of the China inflation story?

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