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Why Powell’s ‘Soft Landing’ Is Impossible

Jun 20 2022

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills outlines why he thinks the Federal Reserve is chasing a pipedream if it truly believes a ‘soft landing’ is still an option while battling decades-high inflation

China’s Automakers Accelerating Output

Jun 17 2022

China’s covid lockdowns have hit automakers and raw materials producers hard over the past six months, but ratings agencies believe the worst has passed

Inflation: When Will China’s Lockdowns End?

Jun 15 2022

China’s recent lockdowns, coinciding as they do with the Ukraine War, are contributing to inflation in developed markets, but is this just the beginning of the China inflation story?

Unravelling The Tesla Share Price Fall

May 31 2022

A plethora of negative events has caused the Tesla share price to fall this year, but the company and its founder continue to find support from loyal believers

Unthinkable Now Thinkable: A New World Division

Apr 07 2022

The impact of the Russian invasion and Western sanctions in response is creating a fresh geopolitical segregation, with potentially far-reaching consequences

Stagflation Now Firmly In Asset Managers’ Focus

Mar 23 2022

In anticipation of worsening market conditions, a range of inflation protection and diversification strategies were recently implemented by asset managers

The Macro Picture – Why It Matters And What You Need To Know

Feb 16 2022

Don’t automatically assume the only way is up from here for interest rates and inflation, reports Danielle Ecuyer, as the world anno 2022 is not a copy from the 1970s

In The Year Of The Tiger, Will Emerging Markets Roar?

Feb 09 2022

Emerging Markets equities look cheap in comparison with developed economies, but investment experts are opting for specific strategies and exposures to manage risk in 2022

Global Energy Crisis Is Here, Warns Saxo Bank

Jan 28 2022

Saxo Bank is predicting a resurgence of the fossil fuel sector in the coming year amidst a global energy crisis driven by the global focus on future energy solutions. Impacts will likely be far reaching, with consumer goods pricing set to rise and shareholders in commodities producers benefiting from elevated demand

The Debt Trap – Part 3 Of 3

Jan 14 2022

Part 3 (final) of a deep dive in today’s consequences from a decade, and more, of exceptionally low interest rates by Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills

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