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ESG Focus: Green Steel Innovation On Fire

Jun 22 2023

The iron and steel industry is about to be transformed by a raft of innovations, some here, some on the way, and others on the distant horizon – we check them out in this deep dive

ESG Focus: Green Steel Rolling In

Jun 15 2023

Green steel is shaping up as one of the big innovation impact plays for 2023, as Australia eyes off steel exports

ESG Focus: First Aussie Sovereign Green Bond

Jun 08 2023

The announcement by the Australian government of plans to float the first green bond in mid-2024 has sparked hopes that efforts to mitigate climate change are finally underway

ESG Focus: Care Needed In Ethical Investment

Jun 02 2023

Tim Boreham warns not all so-called ethical or ESG funds and ETFs are what they seem

ESG Focus: The Science And Propects of Fusion

Jun 01 2023

For those that really need to understand how their investments work, and with some estimates suggesting a fusion breakthrough as early as 2025, we examine the nuts and bolts of fusion and the latest private sector innovations

ESG Focus: Here Come The EVs

May 24 2023

BloombergNEF estimates US$1.9trn in investment in Australia’s energy sector and low-carbon technologies will be required to reach the country’s net-zero ambitions and that EVs will get the lion’s share – a staggering US$1trn

ESG Focus: Fusion Or Fiction

May 18 2023

Fusion is the holy grail of governments globally, attracting hundreds of billions in funding and, more recently, the private sector has entered the fray, no doubt expecting a return on its investment sooner rather than later

ESG Focus: Hope For Green Hydrogen

May 10 2023

The Federal Government appears to have confirmed its commitment to Australia’s nascent green hydrogen industry in this week’s budget, but the low dollar commitment at a critical juncture raises a big question mark

ESG Focus: Aust Hydrogen Projects Left Hanging

Apr 26 2023

As the green hydrogen arms race accelerates and major powers introduce subsidies, what will be the future of Australia’s many multi-billion dollar green (and even blue) hydrogen projects?

ESG Focus: Aust Green Hydrogen Hopes Hit

Apr 14 2023

As Europe and the US move ahead with funding for hydrogen projects, Australia’s ambitions are under threat

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