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ESG Focus: Merger Heralds Global Disclosure Regime

Dec 14 2020

The merger of the US Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and the International Integrated Reporting Council signals an acceleration towards mandatory, standardised global ESG reporting.

ESG Focus: Higher Risk For ESG Stocks In 2021

Dec 07 2020

Credit Suisse says the overperformance of ESG “quality” stocks in APAC markets throughout 2020 post-covid has created a factor risk for ESG investors heading into 2021

ESG Focus: Climate Change Megatrend 3 – Fossil Fuels Part 1

Dec 02 2020

The International Energy Agency has switched its allegiance from fossil fuels to renewables post-covid painting a bleak picture; battery storage has hit the US$100KWH tipping point and the market can expect a rollout in 2021

ESG Focus: Covid, The Aftermath – Part 3

Nov 05 2020

Preparing for the “green recovery” and social stimulus, ESG investors are focusing on the effects of covid-19 on individual environmental, social and governance themes, and lining up their ducks – FNArena summarises the winners and losers and checks out the post-covid geopolitical and anti-trust environments

ESG Focus: Covid, The Aftermath – Part 2

Oct 23 2020

In Part 2 of this series, FNArena examines the rise of the S in ESG, stakeholder capitalism and the acceleration of Modern Monetary Theory onto the global economic stage and its links to ESG

ESG Focus: Covid, The Aftermath – Part 1

Oct 01 2020

Covid is being touted by many as the perfect opportunity to accelerate the transition to a circular, sustainable economy. It has exposed the vulnerable underbellies of critical and not-so-critical industries; guided to a grand future for others; and triggered fundamental shifts in economic monetary policy, the repercussions of which will reverberate for decades

ESG Focus: Rio, Cleanaway Boards Break A Sweat

Sep 17 2020

The resignation of Rio Tinto’s corporate chiefs and the recent chastising of Cleanaway’s CEO Vic Bansal have shifted the corporate spotlight from the “E” and the “S” to the “G” for governance – and boards are feeling the pressure.

ESG Focus: Of Waste And Resources

Sep 09 2020

FNArena examines the latest financial reports from the waste-management industry, which stands to benefit from several ESG megatrends; and an update on Rio Tinto’s Juukan Gorge and its implications for the resources industry, which stands at the opposite end of the ESG stick

ESG Focus: Climate Change Megatrend – Part 2

Aug 24 2020

The energy sector is at the front line of the climate change war and is transforming at a rapid rate. FNArena examines the prospects for the fossil fuel industry’s business model and briefly tracks the implications for Australian equities and bond markets

ESG Focus: Climate Change Megatrend – Part 1

Aug 05 2020

There are several ESG and ESG-related megatrends driving global investment markets, making it difficult to know where to start (and where to end), so we are kicking off the Megatrend series with one that is already making its presence keenly felt – climate change

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