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ESG Focus: Plastic Recycling – Lay of the Land, Part 2

Apr 03 2020

Plastic collection and recycling presents opportunities for disruptive technology and innovative design; and recycled plastic is a potent ESG thematic, so expect strong activity in the institutional-public-offering and mergers-and-acquisitions markets over the next five years.

ESG focus: Plastic Recycling – Lay Of The Land, Part 1

Mar 25 2020

Plastic recycling is preparing for a golden decade as the fourth industrial revolution, the shift to a circular economy, climate change and global regulation conspire to drastically increase demand.

ESG Focus: 21st Century Business Models

Mar 09 2020

Increasing focus on ESG criteria is feeding into emerging new business models, and investors will be forced to pay attention

ESG Focus: Aussie Government To Invest In Plastic Recycling

Mar 02 2020

The Federal Government has announced that it will invest in the Australian recycling industry, starting with an overhaul of its procurement laws. 2020 promises to be a busy year.

ESG Focus: SDG Targets To Guide 4IR Investors

Feb 27 2020

The coupling of a circular economy to 4IR means manufacturers are likely to be regulated into supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a reference point, we provide the SDG targets that will most affect manufacturers.

ESG Focus: Investing For The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Feb 24 2020

Governments have determined to use 4IR as a lever into a circular economy, meaning government taxes, subsidies and ESG investment choices will be one of the major sources of capital and drivers of financial success for the manufacturing industry.

ESG Focus: The Social Divide That Keeps Dividing

Feb 19 2020

Despite steps being taken to bridge the global economic gap, inequality remains vast and entrenched in our society.

ESG Focus: Manufacturing Revolution, Devolution and Evolution

Feb 12 2020

The global manufacturing industry stands on the brink of disruption as a perfect storm of digitisation, AI, robotics, and big data transforms industry. Add circularity and ESG to the mix, and it promises to be a wild ride.

ESG Focus: AGM Strikes Down But Not Out

Jan 15 2020

Analysis of last year’s AGM season shows boards in Australia are receiving less rejections from shareholders, but larger sized companies receive more plus climate change is now firmly in focus.

ESG Focus: Banks Survive AGM Season, Barely

Dec 23 2019

The boards of Australia’s major banks survived their AGMs but a wider issue of proxy voting rights is playing out in the ESG sphere.

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