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ESG Focus: Linked Finance The Next Big Thing – Part 3

Sep 15 2021

Major corporations are using sustainability-linked bonds to fill their coffers to fund their green transitions, which is set to kick off in earnest in 2022

ESG Focus: Linked Finance The Next Big Thing – Part 2

Sep 13 2021

Borrowers and investors will confront a range of penalty mechanisms – both in type and size – as sustainability-linked finance floods the market

ESG Focus: Linked Finance The Next Big Thing, Part 1

Sep 07 2021

Sustainability-linked finance has kicked off and is preparing to take the world by storm, pundits tipping the market will hit US$17trn within five years

ESG Focus: The Climate Emergency And The Investment Industry

Aug 25 2021

Amarachi Seery, Sustainability Analyst, sheds some positive light on the latest IPCC Report which outlines the harsh reality of the current state of the climate

ESG Focus: Social And Sustainability Bonds

Aug 20 2021

As the green transition and fourth industrial revolution spawn massive social disruption, two new types of bond have been developed to “save the day” – the social bond and the sustainable bond

ESG Focus: Europe’s Getting ‘Fit for 55’

Aug 18 2021

In a post-pandemic Europe, climate change is front and centre of political agendas across the continent. The EC has proposed necessary changes to enact in the next decade to reach previously agreed to climate change goals

ESG Focus: Covid Heralds Advent Of ‘Crisis’ Bonds

Aug 11 2021

Governments have been slow to adopt sovereign crisis bonds, but covid has proven a shot in the arm, if not without controversy

ESG Focus: Social Sovereigns; Aid Or Privatisation?

Aug 02 2021

Big capital is encouraging sovereign social bond issuance as a means to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, but everyone’s a critic

ESG Focus: The Sovereign Bond Dilemma

Jul 29 2021

As financialisation of the globe gathers pace, sovereign nations are being pressed to issue GSS bonds, and they may have to take the bad with the good

ESG Focus: Surviving & Thriving In The CDR Era

Jul 26 2021

The beginning of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) will be recalled as the commencement of a very beneficial new chapter for Australian businesses and consumers alike

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