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Cracks are starting to emerge in the ESG narrative as elite global financial interests battle for supremacy, but what does this mean for markets?

Aug 15 2022

VIDEO: In a first for FNArena Talks, Danielle Ecuyer interviewed Matthew England, Scientia Professor of Ocean & Climate Dynamics at the University of New South Wales

Aug 02 2022

Big capital is shifting from the carrot to the stick as it prepares to wheel out ESG litigation, which is set to become a new investment opportunity – an asset class in its own right 

Jul 15 2022

A senior US sustainability adviser says the Ukraine War will hasten energy production and this will require metals and materials, despite ESG mandates

Jun 23 2022

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ESG Focus: China’s Six-Point Prosperity Plan

Jun 20 2022

In 2021, China published its six-point plan for achieving common prosperity, sending global markets into a tailspin, and we include it here as a reference so that our readers can see what all the fuss was about

ESG Focus: China Must Prosper Or Perish

Jun 15 2022

China President Xi Jinping launched the nation’s six-point “Common Prosperity” plan with a series of strong-arm tactics that alarmed markets, but the plan’s overlap with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is startling

Glacial Melt Accelerating Fresh Water Crisis

Jun 08 2022

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills reports the world is steering towards a genuine fresh water crisis

ESG Focus: China – Thucydidean Trap or ESG bid

Jun 08 2022

Growing geopolitical tension with China has put the cat among the pigeons given Western and Eastern policy responses to the threat of regional conflict align so closely with ESG thematics

Get Ready For Extreme Heat And Its Effects On Crops, Lives

Jun 06 2022

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills warns that between extreme heat and a lack of fresh water, areas of planet Earth may soon become inhabitable, putting an even greater strain on existing finite natural resources, and increasing competition for them

ESG Focus: Why Financial Institutions Hold The Keys To ESG Success

Jun 01 2022

Matthew Talbot (ServiceNow) explains why the onus is on banks and insurers to guide economies towards lower carbon emissions

ESG Focus: S&P Eyes APAC As Ukraine Rages

May 24 2022

With US$2.8trn of US$4trn APAC debt exposed to environmental risk, S&P Global Ratings hones its sights on the region as ESG debt suffers most in the global bond market’s inflation and geopolitical bond rout

ESG Focus: APA Group Pushes Gas Prospects

May 10 2022

APA Group is heavily exposed to brown infrastructure but the company used its investor day to highlight the role of gas as a transition fuel, its green ambitions and ESG credentials in a bid to reassure investors

ESG Focus: Will Your Property Be Uninsurable By 2030?

May 05 2022

Recent findings by the Climate Council reveal one in twenty-five homes in Australia might be uninsurable by 2030

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In The Green Economy

May 02 2022

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills explains why the ‘Green Economy’ should be on investor radars

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