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APA Group is heavily exposed to brown infrastructure but the company used its investor day to highlight the role of gas as a transition fuel, its green ambitions and ESG credentials in a bid to reassure investors

May 10 2022

Recent findings by the Climate Council reveal one in twenty-five homes in Australia might be uninsurable by 2030

May 05 2022

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills explains why the ‘Green Economy’ should be on investor radars

May 02 2022

By now, most investors are aware of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions, but there is a less familiar member of the Scope family on the way – let us introduce you to “4”

Apr 28 2022

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ESG Focus: ASX200 Off And Running, Part 5

Apr 27 2022

ESG Mergers and Acquisitions and Institutional Public Offerings proved the highlight of the December half and February reporting season, and pundits expect competition for assets to intensify in 2022

A New ‘Paris Agreement’ Sets The Plastic Age On Countdown

Apr 20 2022

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills points out the world has a problem with too many ‘plastics’ and it can no longer be ignored

ESG Focus: Decarbonisation Demand Drives Ethical Investing

Apr 13 2022

The European Union prepares to reduce its reliance on Russian-supplied gas, net zero emissions goals set and forget until 2030, and the market demands better ESG commitments from companies, with those failing to act missing out on competitive advantages

ESG Focus: ASX200 Off And Running, Part 4

Apr 11 2022

There was movement at the station on the circularity front during the February reporting season, suggesting circular investment and capital expenditure should accelerate sharply in 2023

ESG Focus: ASX200 Off And Running, Part 3

Mar 29 2022

February reporting season proved a watershed for ESG as mining services companies realigned their priorities to ESG revenue streams to support their major clients, and scrap metals companies clicked into gear

ESG Focus: ASX200 Off And Running, Part 2

Mar 21 2022

The recent reporting season proved a watershed for ESG as miners and mining services led the ASX200 in sustainability announcements and this article shines the spotlight on the industry’s leaders

ESG Focus: ASX200 Off And Running, Part 1

Mar 14 2022

The February reporting season revealed a step-change in ESG ambitions over FY21 with clear signs that some companies are breaking from the pack, aiming to establish a lead in what is shaping up as the world’s Great Race

ESG Focus: Europe Snubs Nuclear Post Ukraine

Mar 11 2022

Industry and nation lobbyists won the inclusion of nuclear energy as a sustainable energy under the European taxonomy – but the Russian invasion of Ukraine suggests uranium is losing the battle

ESG Focus: Environmental Cost Of Fast Fashion

Feb 22 2022

FNArena's dedicated ESG Focus news section zooms in on matters Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) that are increasingly guiding investors preferences…

ESG Focus: EU Taxonomy To Accept Uranium, Gas

Jan 11 2022

The European Commission is set to include nuclear energy and gas energy in its taxonomy but only under strict conditions – a move that could attract a capital influx to help the industry to adapt to new standards

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