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Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills reports the shift to a world powered by renewable energy and run on electric vehicles may have its critics, but there’s no arguing with the numbers

Feb 06 2023

FNArena scans broker research, academic forecasts, and ratings agencies’ views to glean our top ESG trends for 2023 – and we start with the most impactful of them all

Feb 01 2023

World leaders met in Egypt to formalise the first steps in progressing the biodiversity agenda, resulting in big subsidy cuts to “harmful” industries and activities, and an imperative for investors to start revising their strategies

Dec 22 2022

COP27 has called for a transformation of the financial system, and Australia’s major banks find themselves in the middle of it all

Dec 19 2022

Previous Stories

ESG Focus: The Green Hydrogen Prospect (Part 2)

Dec 16 2022

It’s big – really big – so FNArena takes a deep dive into the global markets for green hydrogen, ammonia and fuel cells; checks out the fuel’s role as an energy security play; and outlines the global developments and incentives making it immediately cost competitive

ESG Focus: The Clean Hydrogen Prospect (Part 1)

Dec 08 2022

As green hydrogen hits a tipping point, investors are turning their focus to the broader clean hydrogen prospect, and this article examines the nuts and bolts of the hydrogen market and its related technologies

ESG Focus: Takeaways From COP27

Dec 05 2022

FNArena summarises the key developments at COP27 and Macquarie checks out their implications for Australian stocks

ESG Focus: Eye On Green Energy

Nov 29 2022

Fossil-fuel energy inflation hugged the spotlight in 2022 masking strong green-energy investment – a period in which green hydrogen came of age

ESG Focus: ASX300, Eye On Energy Revenue

Nov 16 2022

The Ukraine invasion fired a focus on the energy revenue opportunity in the June half, and we examine ESG developments affecting gas and nuclear energy demand for this year and the next decade

ESG Focus: ASX300’s Green Revenue Boom

Oct 28 2022

Green revenue provided one of the few highlights in an otherwise dour, interest-rate hampered August reporting season, and this article checks out the season’s darlings: green commodities and mining services

ESG Focus: ASX300 Rush To Decarbonise

Oct 21 2022

The Ukraine conflict intensified the ASX300s decarbonisation drive in the June half, companies shifting to alternative fuels, fleet upgrades, hedging, technology partnerships and asset sales – a process which only intensified in the September quarter along with capital expenditure bills

ESG Focus: Taxes, COP and Biodiversity Schemes

Oct 13 2022

FNArena’s third and final instalment on biodiversity gives investors a heads up to tax reforms to $1.8trn in harmful global tax subsidies; monetisation schemes; and the upcoming biodiversity COP

ESG Focus: Biodiversity Risks And Losers

Oct 10 2022

Moody’s has estimated US$1.9trn in rated global debt is at risk from biodiversity loss, and it appears those responsible for the losses are expected to foot the bill

AGL Energy Calls It Quits on Coal

Oct 04 2022

Bringing forward its already planned coal exit, AGL Energy has announced the closure of its Loy Yang A project by 2035 as the company focuses on renewable energy.

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