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In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we examined First Sentier’s approach to materiality, focusing on the “S” in ESG, but this article focuses on green materiality – last but definitely not least as the global transition kicks off

Mar 30 2021

The UN publishes its World Water Development Report 2021 titled ‘Valuing Water’ on World Water Day, as Sandfire Resources and the International Copper Association Australia launch a project to deal with water emissions

Mar 24 2021

The “S” in ESG is more than a pleasant sentiment – its roots run deep into materiality – hence FNArena flags the social themes that will eventually hit corporations on their operational and strategic front lines – mental health, gender and modern slavery

Mar 22 2021

The European Parliament has just backed a tax on imports that haven’t priced in the cost of carbon in a move soon to be followed by the US and Britain – all this as China prepares to launch its own carbon market and FitchRatings warns of sovereign downgrades for fossil-fuel producing countries

Mar 17 2021

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ESG Focus: Materiality Matters – Part 1

Mar 16 2021

The highly coveted “sustainability premium” is the holy grail of ESG investors globally, and determining materiality is the key to attaining this. First Sentier shares some of its preferred metrics

ESG Focus: BHP and Rio Defy “S” in ESG – Part 2

Mar 08 2021

The Apache land transfer to BHP Group and Rio Tinto in Arizona has been rescinded and more heads topple at Rio Tinto as global resolve steels to reinforce ESG narratives

ESG Focus: BHP And Rio Defy “S” In ESG – Part 1

Mar 03 2021

Rio Tinto and BHP Group are again in the indigenous spotlight, making a mockery of the “S” in ESG, after winning a land grab for Apache land in the US to build the world’s largest copper mine – a critical material for the green transition

ESG Focus: BetaShares Launches Green ETF

Feb 25 2021

BetaShares has launched a Climate Change Innovation ETF, recognising the anticipated sharp shift to renewable energy over the next two years, and, as the number of ESG funds proliferate, advisers offer tips to investors to help avoid greenwashing

ESG Focus: The Virus And Shrinking Democracies

Feb 19 2021

2020 has seen the biggest global shrinkage of personal liberties during peacetime, but it’s all about the global pandemic and last year’s trend is not necessarily spelling doom and gloom for the world’s democracies

ESG Focus: Trigger Fingers Out For 2021 But For Which Classes?

Feb 02 2021

ESG funds ballooned in 2020, as investors sought safe havens from covid and the Saudi-Russia oil price war but 2021 is a different story

ESG Focus: Game on for Cleanaway And Bingo

Jan 22 2021

A new era is dawning for the waste industry and Australia’s two major waste-management companies are going to have to shape up if they want to catch the tide. Just sometimes, the devil is in the detail

ESG Focus: Green Bonds Crack US$1trn

Jan 21 2021

Despite taking a back seat to social and sustainable bonds in the first-half of 2020, the green bond market roared to life in the second half, cracking the US$1trn mark. Volumes are expected to jump up to 50% in 2021

ESG Focus: Gender Diversity Pays Dividends

Dec 23 2020

It’s all hands on deck heading into the fourth industrial revolution, China is in the game, and companies will need the best of the best to survive: well informed and well-heeled ESG investors know it; and sovereign nations are legislating

ESG Focus: Climate Change Megatrend 3 – Fossil Fuels Part 2

Dec 18 2020

Part 1 of this series focused on the bigger picture for fossil fuels, and in this article, we drill down to the ESG trends affecting forecasts in the specific coal, gas and oil markets

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