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Zooming in on the latest news in global decarbonisation, in particular, the most recent IEA forecasts (one being for investment of US$4.5trn a year) and their implications; as well as the global march of ESG shortsellers; and more!

Oct 03 2023

The circularity theme kicked off in earnest for the August 2023 reporting season highlighted by packaging companies, biodiversity themes and plenty to say about AI

Oct 02 2023

ASX-listed ESG targets, board expectations of rising decarbonisation capex, the top 10 sustainability topics, AI opportunities, plus lots more!

Sep 27 2023

Pundits say innovation in iron-based batteries is a game-changer – welcome to the new iron age

Sep 21 2023

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ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 14-09-2023 – IGO, Rio, BHP, Santos, Woodside

Sep 18 2023

In this edition of Little Big Things, ailing carbon-credit market hitting a nadir; cash flow as an investment lens; a huge landmark native-title deal with massive implications, and more

ESG Focus: Reporting Season A Cracker For ESG

Sep 14 2023

The FY23 ESG August reporting season was a cracker with companies across the board bumping up reporting and investments in decarbonisation; the Safeguard Mechanism yielding a few surprises; waste recycling kicking off in earnest; AI, safety and cyber-crime dominating governance and remuneration; and biodiversity rocking onto the scene

ESG Focus: Grid Battery Innovation Barrelling Down

Sep 07 2023

Solve the problem of intermittency at a tenth of the cost of existing batteries is about to hit the market, and their implications for the energy industry, energy security, and businesses globally are profound

El Nino: Economic And Investment Impacts

Sep 06 2023

How much do ocean circulation patterns impact economic outcomes and sovereign risk? Rick Stathers and Carmen Altenkirch assess El Nino, the climate phenomenon driving atmospheric circulation in the tropics, affecting everything from GDP to inflation and social stability

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 29-08-2023 – Miners, Gas Producers, BlueScope, Adbri and Qantas

Sep 01 2023

Macquarie counts the cost of capital for the ASX100; Jarden weighs the prospects for heavy emitters; Macquarie also examines where the downstream and upstream insurance emissions buck might stop; IEEFA spies rising credit-rating risk; and Morgan Stanley forecasts growing water capital expenditure for semiconductor and copper industries

ESG Focus: Will Lithium Meet Its Waterloo?

Aug 10 2023

Battery innovation is going gangbusters, driven by environmental and social imprimaturs, leading experts to conclude that it is not a matter of if but when lithium will be dethroned – prepare for the great reshuffle

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 07-08-2023: Xero, Reliance Worldwide, Iluka, Elders

Aug 07 2023

In this edition, we check out the broader sustainability theme: it seems ESG M&A activity is back, according to a new report; Goldman Sachs checks out Australian stocks to sustainability; IAASB hands down an audit proposal; and nations are at loggerheads over seabed mining

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 03-08-2023 – Endeavour, Coles, Woolworths, Metcash and AI

Aug 03 2023

FNArena zooms in on the social theme, examining developments affecting food and liquor retailers and wholesalers and miners while checking out big capital’s attitude to social metrics, and the roles AI might play in helping companies manage social issues

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 27-07-2023

Jul 27 2023

In today’s edition of The Little Big Things, FNArena examines the Green Capital Expenditure Theme, pent up critical metals and minerals demand, the US Inflation Reduction Act one year on, and the floundering sustainability-linked bond market

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 26-07-2023

Jul 26 2023

In FNArena’s inaugural ESG bulletin we discuss capital destinations, green energy deflation, the impact of a fuel emissions standard, and AI regulation

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