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BloombergNEF estimates US$1.9trn in investment in Australia’s energy sector and low-carbon technologies will be required to reach the country’s net-zero ambitions and that EVs will get the lion’s share – a staggering US$1trn

May 24 2023

Fusion is the holy grail of governments globally, attracting hundreds of billions in funding and, more recently, the private sector has entered the fray, no doubt expecting a return on its investment sooner rather than later

May 18 2023

The Federal Government appears to have confirmed its commitment to Australia’s nascent green hydrogen industry in this week’s budget, but the low dollar commitment at a critical juncture raises a big question mark

May 10 2023

As the green hydrogen arms race accelerates and major powers introduce subsidies, what will be the future of Australia’s many multi-billion dollar green (and even blue) hydrogen projects?

Apr 26 2023

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ESG Focus: Aust Green Hydrogen Hopes Hit

Apr 14 2023

As Europe and the US move ahead with funding for hydrogen projects, Australia’s ambitions are under threat

ESG Focus: ESG And The Hunt For Alpha

Mar 30 2023

There’s a new ROC on the block, and it’s called ESG rate-of-change investing, and Morgan Stanley has singled it out as the next big thing as global equities prepare for an impending ESG-induced capital crunch

ESG Focus: Implications Of Safeguard Mechanism

Mar 29 2023

The Australian government’s renegotiated Safeguard Mechanism as a means to emissions reduction will not impact severely on the country’s oil & gas industry

ESG Focus: Tough Season But Winners Grin

Mar 24 2023

Macro concerns overshadowed ESG developments during the February reporting season, but there was plenty to report: decarbonisation continued apace; green commodities entered rocky water but other revenue-generating projects progressed; and regulators took aim

Green Energy Investment Matches Fossil Fuels For The First Time

Feb 06 2023

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills reports the shift to a world powered by renewable energy and run on electric vehicles may have its critics, but there’s no arguing with the numbers

ESG Focus: Big Trends for 2023

Feb 01 2023

FNArena scans broker research, academic forecasts, and ratings agencies’ views to glean our top ESG trends for 2023 – and we start with the most impactful of them all

ESG Focus: Takeaways From Biodiversity COP15

Dec 22 2022

World leaders met in Egypt to formalise the first steps in progressing the biodiversity agenda, resulting in big subsidy cuts to “harmful” industries and activities, and an imperative for investors to start revising their strategies

ESG Focus: Banks Target Emitters

Dec 19 2022

COP27 has called for a transformation of the financial system, and Australia’s major banks find themselves in the middle of it all

ESG Focus: The Green Hydrogen Prospect (Part 2)

Dec 16 2022

It’s big – really big – so FNArena takes a deep dive into the global markets for green hydrogen, ammonia and fuel cells; checks out the fuel’s role as an energy security play; and outlines the global developments and incentives making it immediately cost competitive

ESG Focus: The Clean Hydrogen Prospect (Part 1)

Dec 08 2022

As green hydrogen hits a tipping point, investors are turning their focus to the broader clean hydrogen prospect, and this article examines the nuts and bolts of the hydrogen market and its related technologies

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