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FNArena Book Review: The Wealth Code 2.0

Aug 08 2013

This book has been labeled a financial survival guide for the 21st century. Highly recommended for investors not afraid to part with the ordinary and make bold changes to their belief-system.

Rudi’s View: Books I Read In 2012

Feb 03 2013

Ten books that might inspire in 2013.

FNArena Book Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Mar 30 2012

A review of one remarkable publication that shines many lights on what makes human brains think, and how, including its many flaws and delusions.

FNArena Book Review: Unholy Grails by Nick Radge

Mar 01 2012

A review of the freshly published Unholy Grails by Nick “The Chartist” Radge.

FNArena Book Review: Boomerang, By Michael Lewis

Feb 01 2012

The author of the celebrated Liar’s Poker and The Big Short is back with further bewildering and entertaining observations, this time on how the eurozone came to be under threat of collapse.

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