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Reinventing Income In Australian Shares

Mar 2021

Investing In 2021: The World Upside Down

Mar 2021

Investing During Times Of Corona

Sep 2020

The Future Is Now

Jun 2020

Post-August 2019 - The Value vs Growth Debate Sharpens - October 2019

Oct 2019

August 2019 Reporting Season: Past, Present & Future

Aug 2019

2019: Macro Challenges and Micro Opportunities

Mar 2019

What Is The Status, Dr Rudi?

Oct 2018

Australian Equities: Old Economy Versus New Economy

Jul 2018

Uncomfortable Truths About Investing In The Australian Share Market

Jun 2018

Investing In A Slow Growing World - An Update

Dec 2017

The Share Market - A Confusing Enigma

Jun 2017

ASA Conference - The Contrarian Investor

Jun 2017

The Year Of Investing Dangerously - Feb 2017

Feb 2017

Stocks for your Christmas Stocking - Dec 2016

Dec 2016

The Share Market - Post Aug 2016 - What Now - Sep 2016

Sep 2016

The Share Market - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Bear

Jul 2016

The Share Market - This Time Really Is Different

Dec 2015

Business Is Changing, CEOs Lunch

May 2015

The Share Market - Interesting Times

May 2015

The Share Market - Xmas Special

Nov 2014

The Share Market - Selected Charts

Sep 2014

The Share Market - Always Different, Always The Same

Jun 2014

The Share Market - Not All PEs Are The Same

Mar 2014

Where Else Are You Going To Put Your Money

Nov 2013

The Big Confusion That Is Called The Share Market

Sep 2013

How Best To Deal With (Investment) Climate Change

Jul 2013

A Fundamental View on the Share Market

Jun 2013

The Big Confusion That Is The Share Market

Feb 2013

Analyse This!

Nov 2009

Speech AIA

Nov 2008