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Always an independent thinker, Rudi has not shied away from making big out-of-consensus predictions that proved accurate later on. When Rio Tinto shares surged above $120 he wrote investors should sell. In mid-2008 he warned investors not to hold on to equities in oil producers. In August 2008 he predicted the largest sell-off in commodities stocks was about to follow. In 2009 he suggested Australian banks were an excellent buy. Between 2011 and 2015 Rudi consistently maintained investors were better off avoiding exposure to commodities and to commodities stocks. Post GFC, he dedicated his research to finding All-Weather Performers. See also "All-Weather Performers" on this website, as well as the Special Reports section.

Rudi's Previous Views

Rudi’s View: 2021, The Year Of Doubt

Jun 24 2021

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Rudi’s View: Goodman Group, CBA And Tyro Payments

Jun 10 2021

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Rudi’s View: How To Protect Against Inflation

Jun 03 2021

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Rudi’s View: Investing In Quality & Growth; A Journey

May 27 2021

This story contained a mathematical error when mailed out to subscribers late on Monday. That error has been corrected in…

Rudi’s View: Collins Foods, Rio Tinto and Aurizon

May 20 2021

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Rudi’s View: Back To Pre-Covid Forecasts

May 13 2021

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Rudi’s View: The Trend Remains Up

May 06 2021

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Rudi’s View: Analysts Versus Pessimists, The Battle Royale Of 2021?

Apr 29 2021

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Rudi’s View: More Upgrades, More Potential For Aussie Shares

Apr 22 2021

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Rudi’s View: Inflation?

Apr 15 2021

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