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Always an independent thinker, Rudi has not shied away from making big out-of-consensus predictions that proved accurate later on. When Rio Tinto shares surged above $120 he wrote investors should sell. In mid-2008 he warned investors not to hold on to equities in oil producers. In August 2008 he predicted the largest sell-off in commodities stocks was about to follow. In 2009 he suggested Australian banks were an excellent buy. Between 2011 and 2015 Rudi consistently maintained investors were better off avoiding exposure to commodities and to commodities stocks. Post GFC, he dedicated his research to finding All-Weather Performers. See also "All-Weather Performers" on this website, as well as the Special Reports section.

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Dear time-poor reader: behind covid-19 lurks a global recession. You should start preparing now In today's Rudi's View: -Cum Laude-Investors…

Mar 27 2020

Dear time-poor reader: this Grand Bear Market isn't done growling just yet, but maybe a near-term bottom is in sight?…

Mar 26 2020

On Saturday and Sunday FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck shared his insights with FNArena subscribers about covid-19 in Australia and abroad

Mar 23 2020

Dear time-poor reader: this Bear Market is changing the world, literally, in front of our eyes In This Week's Weekly…

Mar 19 2020

Rudi's Previous Views

Rudi’s View: The Bear Market That Changes The World

Mar 17 2020

Late on Monday, FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck sent out his Weekly Insights email to FNArena subscribers. In it, he describes…

Rudi’s View: This Crisis Ain’t Over

Mar 16 2020

Message from FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck to subscribers on Saturday

Rudi’s View: Are You Sleeping At Night?

Mar 13 2020

Dear time-poor reader: as global equities are experiencing their toughest time since 1987, let's all hope this doesn't turn into…

Bear Market Lessons And Observations

Mar 12 2020

Dear time-poor reader: As yet another Bear Market announces itself, what can we learn from past experiences? Bear Market Lessons…

Lose The Losers, Back The Winners

Mar 05 2020

Dear time-poor reader: irrational herd behaviour is dominating the share market. Below is the best strategy to deal with it (late…

February Reports: The Green Divide Is Real

Feb 20 2020

Dear time-poor reader: early insights from the February reporting season mix with an emerging international trend that should have every…

February Reports: Equity Favourites And Warnings

Feb 13 2020

Dear time-poor reader: a line up of stockbrokers' favourites ahead of February reports, amidst scepticism and warnings In this week's…

Rudi’s View: February Reports – Optimism Is Back

Feb 07 2020

Early indications are investors are willing to adopt an optimistic view this reporting season

February Reports: Global Uncertainties, Profit Warnings, And..?

Feb 06 2020

Dear time-poor reader: profit warnings fill the pre-results season while T Rowe Price is comfortable with valuations of equities In…

Retail Investors Might Be Key For Equities Bull Market

Jan 30 2020

Dear time-poor reader: it's falling profits and coronavirus spreading versus cash from the sideline; plus is that a new Green…

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