FNArena Talks

The Unfair Advantage: Yield & Quality High PEs

Arrow Securities' Christopher Hall and FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck explore the impact of higher interest rates on yield stocks and whether higher PE stocks are due for a fall.

May 14 2018

The Unfair Advantage: Growth-Value & Retailers

The Unfair Advantage is a new online initiative between FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Arrow Securities' Christopher Hall and BRRMedia.

Apr 10 2018

Your Editor On Video: Star Stocks CSL & REA

FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck argues star stocks like CSL and REA Group always look expensive, yet they continue to deliver for investors who can look beyond short term obstacles.

Mar 15 2018

Your Editor On Switzer: US Bull vs Aussie Banks

FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck on bull market dynamics for US equities and Aussie bank laggards

Dec 19 2017

Your Editor’s Online Seminar: Growth And Disruption

Replay of FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck's online seminar titled "Investing in a Slow Growing World" is now available.

Dec 15 2017

Your Editor On Switzer: Australia’s Copycat Bull Market

Australian shares are merely rallying on US market optimism, explains FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck.

Dec 05 2017

Your Editor On Switzer: Banks, CSL And Cochlear

FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck discusses the importance of major banks' profit results for the broader market, while also answering viewers' questions about Cochlear and CSL.

Nov 07 2017

Your Editor On Switzer: Bellamy’s, GUD and Cash On The Sidelines

FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck explains how cash from the sidelines is supporting Aussie shares.

Oct 26 2017