Restart-A-Heart Day – Targets Aussie Women

PR NewsWire | Oct 14 2021

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recent studies reveal women are 27% less likely to receive CPR in a public setting compared to men. 

This has resulted in women dying unnecessarily while waiting for an ambulance as bystanders watch on. 

"This unfair disparity is likely caused by people being uncomfortable exposing a woman’s chest and not being confident in how to perform CPR on a female," said Ben Krynski, Co-Founder of Real Response and a Registered Paramedic.

Real Response, a Melbourne based training company is fighting to eradicate this inequality by introducing female manikins in all their face-to-face first aid courses. 

From the 1st of October all their face-face students around the country will have the opportunity to practice CPR on both male and female manikins.

This initiative, launched in the lead-up to Restart-A-Heart day (16th October) aims to normalise CPR training on women and ensure women are provided the same chance of survival as a man.

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