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Weekly Reports | Jul 12 2019

Our top ten news from 04 July 2019 to 11 July 2019 (ranked according to popularity).

Rudi's View: Charter Hall, Superloop And Whispir
Friday 05 July 2019 – 10:01 AM

In this week's Weekly Insights (this is Part Two): Do I Have A Few Surprises For (Most Of) You! -M&A Is Back; Who's The Next Target? -Three Charts To Mark Mid-2019 -Conviction Calls -Caveat Emptor: Retail Landlords

Do I Have A Few Surprises For (Most Of) You!
Thursday 04 July 2019 – 10:00 AM

In this week's Weekly Insights (published in two parts): -Do I Have A Few Surprises For (Most Of) You! -M&A Is Back; Who's The Next Target? -Conviction Calls -Three Charts To Mark Mid-2019 -Caveat Emptor: Retail Landlords

The Global Fiscal Panic
Tuesday 09 July 2019 – 10:00 AM

As global recession looms, analysts warn of a fiscal panic that will grip the world as monetary policy easing reaches its limits. Australia is not immune this time.

ASX200: New High Ahead
Monday 08 July 2019 – 10:27 AM

Craig Parker of Moat Capital suggests the RBA has saved the ASX200 from a pullback for now.

Bapcor Driving Growth Despite Soft Consumer
Monday 08 July 2019 – 01:32 PM

Bapcor is cementing its position in car parts and brokers are upbeat about the stock, despite the likelihood growth rates will now be less stellar.

Australian Broker Call *Extra* Edition – Jul 08, 2019
Monday 08 July 2019 – 11:23 AM

Extra Edition of the Broker Call Report

Is It Time To Sell The Big Australian?
Tuesday 09 July 2019 – 10:57 AM

Peter Switzer of the Switzer Super Report ponders whether BHP has run as far as it could go.

Is The Party Over For Australia's Insurers?
Thursday 04 July 2019 – 01:27 PM

Is the party over for Australia's insurance sector? Catastrophe budgets need to rise, amid elevated compliance costs, and the question is whether price increases can continue to mitigate the downside.

Amcor Worth Watching
Thursday 04 July 2019 – 10:28 AM

The Chartist reports Amcor maybe set to break up through resistance.

10 Material Matters: Iron Ore And Base Metals
Wednesday 10 July 2019 – 03:13 PM

A glance through the latest expert views and predictions about commodities. Iron ore and base metals.

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