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Next Week At A Glance

Weekly Reports | Feb 01 2019

For a more comprehensive preview of next week's events, please refer to "The Monday Report", published each Monday morning. For all economic data release dates, ex-div dates and times and other relevant information, please refer to the FNArena Calendar.

By Greg Peel

The Year of the Pig is upon us, and next week China will be closed all week if for no other reason than to spook markets with wild swings before and after economic data releases.

US data should continue to flow tonight (jobs) and next week, which brings factory orders, trade and the services PMI, but still no word on catching up with missed data during the shutdown. And the government may yet shut down again.

Services PMIs are due from across the globe on Tuesday.

The Bank of England holds a policy meeting next week and the Fed chair will speak on Thursday. The RBA meets on Tuesday for the first time in 2019 and the governor will speak on Wednesday.

The big event locally will be Monday's aftermarket release of the bank Royal Commission report. Be very afraid.

Economically, we'll see numbers for building approvals, retail sales and trade and the RBA's quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy is due on Friday.

And it's result season downunder, with the US season still playing out. Results start flowing pretty swiftly next week as the season is crammed into the short month. Too many to highlight here so please refer to the FNArena Calendar.

Note that the calendar cannot be considered as gospel. Companies are under no obligation to set or stick to reporting dates, and if you ask three different brokers, they'll give you three different dates for the same company. We just try our best.

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