Share Buybacks – Who’s Doing It?

Weekly Reports | Dec 05 2018

International research suggests shares in companies that buy in their own equities are more likely to respond positively through share price appreciation. Investors should note, however, buying back own stock is not a guarantee of significant share price gains ahead.

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Below is an incomplete overview of companies buying in their own shares this year. We very much appreciate all feedback, contributions and suggestions at

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8IH 8I Holdings 22/10/2018
8VI 8VIC Holdings 22/10/2018
ADA Adacel Technologies 31/05/2018
AFA ASF Group 23/05/2018
AFI Australian Foundation Investment Co 17/02/2017
AFR African Energy Resources 11/12/2017
AGM Australian Governance & Ethical Fund 15/11/2018
AIV ActivEX Ltd 02/01/2018
ALF Australian Leaders Fund 06/11/2018
ALI Argo Global Listed Infrastructure 11/09/2017
ALQ ALS Ltd 05/12/2017
AMH Amcil Ltd 17/02/2017
AMP AMP Ltd 23/02/2017
ANN Ansell 19/10/2018
ANZ ANZ Bank 02/01/2018
AOG Aveo Group 24/09/2018
ARA Ariadne Australia 21/08/2014
ARG Argo Investments 01/01/2016
AUI Australian United Investments 01/06/2018
AUP Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust 24/10/2018
AVA Ava Risk Group 10/08/2018
BAF Blue Sky Altenative Access Fund 14/05/2018
BHD Benjamin Hornigold Ltd 08/06/2018
BHP BHP Billiton
BOL Boom Logistics 06/12/2018
BRL Bathurst Resources 11/09/2018
BSL BlueScope 18/12/2018
BWF Blackwall Ltd 15/03/2016
BWR Blackwall Property Trust 07/07/2015
CAM Clime Capital 18/01/2018
CAJ Capitol Health 04/09/2017
CDD Cardno 15/03/2017
CGO CPT Global 27/08/2015
CIN Carlton Investments 29/11/2015
CIW Clime Investment Management 19/01/2018
CLF Concentrated Leaders Fund 07/03/2018
CLT Cellnet Group 09/09/2015
CMC China Magnesium Corp 28/10/2014
CMI CMI Ltd Record date 5/10/18 Open date 11/10/18
CMW Cromwell Property Group 17/01/2018
COG Consolidated Operations Group 02/04/2018
CQR Charter Hall Retail REIT 06/03/2017
CRR Convenience Retail REIT 04/09/2018
CSV CSG Ltd 12/03/2016
CVC CVC Ltd 27/11/2018
CVF Contrarian Value Fund 13/09/2017
CVW ClearView Wealth 19/12/2013
CWN Crown Resorts Ltd 30/08/2018
CYC Cyclopharm 29/05/2018
CYG Coventry Group 01/03/2018
DBF Duxton Broadacre Farms 07/05/2018
DJW Djerriwarrh Investments 17/02/2017
DUI Diversified United Investments 31/05/2018
DXS Dexus 28/02/2018
EAF Evans & Partners Asia Fund 15/11/2018
EAI Ellerston Asia Investments 28/09/2017
EAS Easton Investments 13/12/2018
EDC Eildon Capital 28/11/2018
EFF Evans & Partners Australia Flagship Fund 16/11/2018
EGD Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund 19/11/2018
EGF Evans & Partners Global Flagship Fund 16/11/2018
EGH Eureka Group Holdings 16/03/2017
EPD Empired Ltd 03/05/2018
EPW ERM Power Ltd 12/03/2018
EZL Euroz Ltd 01/01/2017
FID Fiducian Group 03/03/2015
FMG Fortescue Metals 25/10/2018
FPC Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund 02/11/2018
FZR Fitzroy River Corp 23/08/2018
GAP Gale Pacific Ltd 19/03/2018
GDI GDI Property Group 06/02/2017
GOW Gowing Bros 20/06/2012
GPT General Property Group 06/05/2016
GZL Gazal Corp 16/04/2018
HHY HHY Fund 13/11/2017
HML Henry Morgan Ltd 08/06/2018
HNG HGL Ltd 22/11/2018
HT1 HT&E 30/11/2018
IAM Intiger Group 06/12/2018
IAU Intrepid Mines 30/04/2018
IBC Ironbark Capital 26/11/2018
IDR Industria REIT 07/09/2017
IDT IDT Australia 10/10/2018
ING Inghams TBA
INP IncentiaPay Ltd 30/11/2017
IPE IPE Ltd 12/11/2016
IPH IPH Ltd 22/05/2018
IPL Incitec Pivot 29/11/2017
ISU iSelect 16/03/2017
ITD ITL Health Group 30/11/2017
JHG Janus Henderson Group 06/08/2018
KAT Katana Capital 02/01/2018
KBC Keybridge Capital 12/12/2017
KBCCPR Keybridge Capital 24/01/2018
KCN Kingsgate Consolidated 27/10/2017
KKT Konekt 02/11/2018
LLC Lendlease Corp 13/03/2018
LRM Lustrum Minerals Ltd 29/05/2018
LRT Lowell Resources Fund 30/09/2018
MAM Microequities Asset Management 13/09/2018
MCH Murchison Holdings 28/09/2018
MEL Metgasco 16/05/2018
MGG Magellan Global Trust 18/10/2017
MGP Managed Accounts Holdings 14/08/2015
MGR Mirvac Group 23/02/2018
MSP MaxSec Group 26/03/2018
NBL Noni B 11/12/18
NEW New Energy Solar 17/05/18
NGE NGE Capital 04/09/17
NVA Nova Minerals 01/11/18
OCL Objective Corp 13/08/2018
OHE Orion Health 01/11/2018
OZG Ozgrowth Ltd 19/02/2018
PBP Probiotec Ltd 16/11/2018
PME Pro Medicus 01/04/2018
PPC Peet Ltd 10/10/2018
PTM Platinum Asset Management 04/10/2016
PVD Pura Vida Energy 09/11/2018
QAN Qantas 06/09/2018
QBE QBE Insurance Group 19/03/2018
QST Quest Investments 28/09/2018
REY Rey Resources 22/06/2018
RHP Rhipe Ltd 06/09/2018
RIO Rio Tinto 26/09/2018
RND Rand Mining 12/12/2015
RUB Rubicor Group 20/12/2017
RYD Ryder Capital 07/06/2018
S32 South32 Ltd 10/04/2017
SCG Scentre Group 19/04/2018
SDG Sunland Group 13/12/2017
SFC Schaffer Corp 17/11/2011
SGM Sims Metal Management 09/11/2018
SGP Stockland Corp 20/09/2018
SIG Sigma Healthcare 13/10/2014
SSG Shaver Shop Group 09/11/2017
SSM Service Stream Ltd 28/02/2018
TBR Tribune Resources 28/09/2015
TCN Techniche Ltd 25/04/2018
TGG Templeton Global Growth Fund 20/03/2018
TML Timah Resources 03/12/2018
TRA Turners Automotive Group 03/12/2018
URF US Masters Residential Property Fund 18/07/2018
VCX Vicinity Centres 17/08/2017
VLS Vita Life Sciences 25/05/2018
VLW Villa World 05/10/2018
WAT Waterco 24/04/2018
WDE Wealth Defender Equities 27/02/2018
WGF Watermark Global Leaders Fund 22/05/2018
WIC Westoz Investment Co 30/12/2015
WMK Watermark Market Neutral Fund 01/03/2018
WQG WCM Global Growth 18/05/2018
WTP Watpac 06/09/2017
ZER Zeta Resources 25/08/2019
Companies offering unmarketable
AON Apollo Mineral 17/10/2018
AQC Australian Pacific Coal 05/11/2018
ASP Aspermont 02/08/2018
BNL Big Star Energy 26/10/2018
CAI Calidus Resources 27/11/2018
CSS Clean Seas Seafood 09/10/2018
ERM Emmerson Resources 20/11/2018
ITD ITL Health Group 29/11/2018
MCS MCS Services 23/11/2018
SOP Synertec 18/10/2018
TEK Thorney Technologies 03/08/2018

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