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New Website: Rudi’s Public Appearances

FYI | Oct 20 2017

One of the additions we've made to the website is incorporating Rudi on TV and Rudi On Tour into the Rudi's Views section of the FNArena website.

Regular readers of Weekly Insights know both overviews of respectively FNArena Editor's appearances on Sky Business and presentations throughout the country already are standard inclusions in the weekly email that lands in most readers' inbox every week.

From now onwards this information can be easily accessed by visiting Rudi's Views on the website, which also remains the easiest route to FNArena Editor's weekly updates and analyses on the website, including an archive stretching back more than ten years.

Rudi On TV is updated before the start of each week. It goes without saying, last minute changes can happen any time. Communication about last minute changes will continue via Twitter.

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