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New Website: Set Dedicated Email Alerts

FYI | Sep 22 2017

As most paid subscribers are probably aware, it is possible to add email alerts to stocks included in Portfolios or Watchlists on the FNArena website. The process centres around individual stocks, but broader sectors are an option in extension of each chosen stock.

But some of our most popular publications -the Australian Broker Call Report, the Overnight Report and Rudi's Views- are not stock specific or even sector-based. Subscribers can set specific email alerts for these stories via the My Alerts section on the top horizontal black bar, squeezed in between "Write a Message" and "Portfolio & Watchlists".

Here one discovers there are currently six such specialised options, including Broker Call Highlight and All-Weather Stocks. The idea is that every time FNArena publishes a story related to such a specific theme, an email shall be sent to your inbox.

There is even the option to click on "Please send me news alerts for every article you publish".

Don't forget to press the Save Alerts button.

Find out why FNArena subscribers like the service so much: "Your Feedback (Thank You)" – Warning this story contains unashamedly positive feedback on the service provided.

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