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New Website: Small Caps, Commodities And Other News Categories

FYI | Jun 29 2017

This may not be common knowledge, but FNArena's new website contains a news section dedicated to Small Cap stocks. It's where stories about Quintis, Appen, Nick Scali and others are separated from the bulk that relates to the top end of the Australian share market.

A dedicated section makes it easier for investors looking for ideas/more information about the smaller end of the stock market.

Finding this dedicated section need not be complicated. On the front page of the website, underneath "FINANCIAL NEWS – LATEST" on the left hand side, is a section called 'DAILY FINANCIAL NEWS".

Scroll down from the top of the website and look left.

In between the title and the first news story, one finds a brief list of all dedicated sections available:

 Australia | Book Reviews | Commodities | FYI | International | Small Caps | Technicals | Treasure Chest |

Apart from news stories on Small Caps, investors can click on any of these and access news stories grouped together around central themes such as "Commodities" and "Technicals".

An alternative way to access these dedicated news pages is through the drop down menus from the dark grey horizontal bar next to the home symbol.

Starting from "FINANCIAL NEWS", investors can then click on "DAILY FINANCIAL NEWS" which opens up a page that contains the same sub-divisions.


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