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New Website: A Sophisticated Search Engine

FYI | Apr 07 2017

"Search Stocks & Stories" it reads on the far right of the FNArena website. Behind the simple looking, rectangular input field attached to a blue button that says "Search" hides a wealth of information for investors looking to broaden their insights on a specific topic, sector or ASX-listed company.

Type in "LNK" (for Link Administration Services) and a page appears showing "Most relevant stocks from your search", which, in this case, means you have been directed to Link, but also to Macquarie Group (MQG), AMP (AMP) and Perpetual (PPT). Further below are "Related Stocks" which includes the likes of Bravura Solutions (BVS), Class (CL1), GBST (GBT) and Iress Market Technology (IRE).

This all makes a lot of sense if one considers Link is far more than simply IT, or a software services company, or a shareholders registery, a definition most commentators and labeling services elsewhere would use for the company. As a major back office services provider for super funds and professional funds managers in Australia, FNArena thinks showing Link in connection with Macquarie, Bravura and Iress is a far more accurate environment for investors researching this company and its shares.

To be able to offer this level of sophistication, FNArena has developed its own corporate sectors structure and proprietary algorithms, and both are subjected to regular reviews and amendments. This should ensure that investors looking for in-depth research into the companies of their interest will find the Search facility on the FNArena website is the ideal starting point.

News stories and broker updates that populate Search results stretch out more than ten years. Results are ranked by "relevancy" (again, another algorithm), though settings can be changed to rankings per "date" if that suits better.

To accommodate easier and higher quality researching, Search outcomes include direct access to FNArena's Stock Analysis, not just for the ASX code entered, but for all related peers.

So if you agree that "Amcor" and "BHP Billiton" have very little in common, even though both are included in the S&P/ASX 200 Materials index, and that Seek (SEK), Carsales (CAR) and REA Group (REA) should no longer be grouped together simply because they all originate from what once were print media's "rivers of gold', than you are likely going to enjoy researching your stocks, and the share market, through the FNArena Search engine.

Do note this very much remains work-in-eternal-development. All feedback for further improvements and adjustments are at all times appreciated and welcome.

Find out why FNArena subscribers like the service so much: "Your Feedback (Thank You)" – Warning this story contains unashamedly positive feedback on the service provided.

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