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New Website: Mobile Devices

FYI | Mar 24 2017

Most visitors to the FNArena website are sitting behind a desktop PC. We envisage this will change in the years ahead.

Society is becoming ever more dependent on mobile and laptops. iPads and smart phones are steadily increasing their total market share of Internet and data usage in Australia.

Which is why the new FNArena website is customised for mobile usage. Incorporating smart technology, the website adjusts to smaller screen sizes. In case of mobile phones, where screen size can be tiny in comparison with today's 21 inch PC screens, a dedicated template kicks in automatically.

This means subscribers can have access at all times, and no matter where they are. At home. At the office. While commuting on bus or train. At the airport before leaving for a well-deserved holiday. At the hotel, or near the beach while otherwise enjoying your holiday.

As long as there is Internet access, and sufficient battery power inside the device, paying subscribers now can look up the latest broker opinions and changes for their stocks of interest, while glancing over news stories, share prices, the calendar, and Rudi's tweets on Twitter.

Those who are using the Portfolio option on the website can keep track via the smallest devices, if need be. Data-heavy applications such as R-Factor, Icarus Signal and the FNArena Sentiment Indicator have been specifically re-modeled and adjusted, so they too can be accessed and used while on the run.

To better accommodate reading on smaller devices, FNArena has developed an innovative, modern era style of publishing which in particular shows its merits when reading important information on the mobile phone. It is easy to share via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The Print in PDF button works even when there's no Acrobat Reader software in sight (i.e. on a mobile).

The company charts at the bottom of our news stories can look a bit tiny, but then our adaptive technology means you only need two fingers to zoom in and see the finer details.

Font size and amendments can be chosen via the top left icon in the address bar. All key functions are still on the grey-ish horizontal bar, which has the home icon on the left and three horizontal lines on the right.


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