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Your Editor On Tour: 50 Charts That Reveal, Unmask And Surprise

FNArena Talks | Dec 10 2014

FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck presented to members of the Australian Technical Analysts' Association (ATAA) in Sydney last month.

Having promised to make the event something special, Rudi selected no less than 56 graphs and charts to illustrate and talk about Australian and global equities, central bank policies and gold. And there was still time for QnA at the end!

The ATAA recorded the event, in low quality, and sound at the beginning is disappointing, but luckily it improves after a while.

The video can be accessed via

(Scroll down the page, under "More Videos" to the right)

Slides of the presentation can be downloaded via the Special Reports tab in the FNArena Cockpit.

Past broadcasts can be viewed via the Investor Education section on the FNArena website:

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