FNArena Windows (Sectors)

Introduction to FNArena Windows

FNArena Windows offers subscribers the option to investigate ASX-listed stocks against their peers. FNArena developed its own sector methodology which in our view overcomes many flaws and disadvantages connected with GICS sectors. Our system starts with three broad sector labels: COMMODITIES, FINANCIAL SERVICES and INDUSTRIALS. From here onwards subscribers can explore further through gradually narrowing branches. This is not investment advice, but simply another window on the Australian Stock Exchange to provide better insight and to assist FNArena subscribers while conducting their own market analysis.

Latest Stories

“Stunned, shocked, surprised,” was one broker’s response to the Queensland government’s significant coal royalty increase. What impact on coal miners?

Jun 23 2022

Following first quarter results for Coronado Global Resources, brokers highlight an increased focus on shareholder returns and potential for further special dividends

May 11 2022

BHP BHP GROUP LIMITED $42.98 $54.55 $35.56 7.0


CIA CHAMPION IRON LIMITED $5.60 $8.12 $4.01 5.4




DRR DETERRA ROYALTIES LIMITED $4.43 $4.94 $3.52 13.7




MGX MOUNT GIBSON IRON LIMITED $0.55 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
MIN MINERAL RESOURCES LIMITED $49.42 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
NHC NEW HOPE CORPORATION LIMITED $3.55 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
RIO RIO TINTO LIMITED $106.92 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
SMR STANMORE RESOURCES LIMITED $2.04 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
WHC WHITEHAVEN COAL LIMITED $4.91 $xx.xx $xx.xx xx.x xx.xx
Previous Stories
BHP: Positive Sign

May 03 2022

Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities notes that amidst the market sell-off, BHP Group has held its prior low, which is a positive sign

Iron Ore Miners: Buy The Dips

Apr 29 2022

The Chartist has moved to neutral on the iron ore price, but suggests buying any dips in iron ore miners.

New Hope For More Dividends

Mar 24 2022

Following first half results for New Hope, brokers focused not only on the surprise special dividend but also on prospects for future distributions

ESG Focus: Carbon Markets To Reduce Chinese Iron Ore Demand

Dec 08 2021

China’s green taxonomy homes in on circularity, which combined with carbon-market developments, suggests a -28% fall in seaborne iron-ore demand within five years – not to mention metallurgical coal

Iron Ore Miners: Broker Views

Dec 07 2021

Despite recent iron ore price falls eroding near term upside for iron ore miners, some brokers remain buoyant on the medium-term outlook

Have The Iron Ore Miners Been Oversold?

Sep 29 2021

The New Criterion’s Tim Boreham discusses whether investors should continue to panic over the iron ore price’s precipitous fall

New Hope’s Cash Bank Spurs Speculation

Sep 22 2021

What will New Hope Corp do with the cash that is flowing from surging thermal coal prices?

Material Matters: Thermal Coal And Coking Coal

Sep 03 2021

A glance through the latest expert views and predictions about commodities: thermal coal and coking coal

Fortescue Metals Fields The Green Narrative

Aug 31 2021

Fortescue Metals has high hopes its greening credentials will attract a product premium yet, in the here and now, the focus remains on the iron ore price

All Over For Iron Ore?

Aug 12 2021

The iron ore price may have shot too far to the downside near-term, but analysts expect prices could be lower still going forward