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Introduction to FNArena Windows

FNArena Windows offers subscribers the option to investigate ASX-listed stocks against their peers. FNArena developed its own sector methodology which in our view overcomes many flaws and disadvantages connected with GICS sectors. Our system starts with three broad sector labels: COMMODITIES, FINANCIAL SERVICES and INDUSTRIALS. From here onwards subscribers can explore further through gradually narrowing branches. This is not investment advice, but simply another window on the Australian Stock Exchange to provide better insight and to assist FNArena subscribers while conducting their own market analysis.

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While Coronado Resources has flagged significant productivity improvements and returned cash to shareholders in FY19, brokers suspect softer near-term coal prices and poor sentiment will weigh on the stock.

Aug 06 2019

Brokers look forward to more stable operating conditions for Whitehaven Coal in FY20 and expect higher dividends are likely until the company’s growth projects require the cash.

Jul 16 2019

CRN $2.65


$3.69 $2.53 4.4



MMI $0.11


$0.22 $0.09 15.7



NCZ $0.32


$1.39 $0.26 4.8



NHC $2.16


$4.50 $2.09 5.1



PNL $0.06 0.00% $0.24 $0.05



WHC $3.34


$5.75 $3.15 11.0



Previous Stories
Thermal Coal Glut: Who Will Blink First?

Jun 17 2019

Thermal coal is piling up as demand drops away in Europe. Atlantic suppliers are turning their attention to the Pacific but, brokers assess, this region is also oversupplied.

ESG Focus: Thermal Coal’s Tipping Point; How Fast, How Soon?

May 01 2019

The crucial tipping point for thermal coal use in the USA could come as early as 2025, new data suggest.

ESG Focus: Coke; You Can’t Beat The Real Thing (Part Two)

Mar 29 2019

This second part concludes FNArena’s deep dive into threats and outlook for coking coal in a more carbon sensitive world.

ESG Focus: Coke; You Can’t Beat The Real Thing – Or Can You?

Mar 19 2019

Part One of FNArena’s deep dive into the future of coking coal in an increasingly carbon sensitive world.

ESG Focus: The Coal Story (Part II)

Mar 15 2019

A two part insight of how the world has grown to dislike thermal coal, the leading carbon emitter per-kilowatt-hour. This is Part Two.

ESG Focus: The Coal Story (Part I)

Mar 08 2019

A two parts insight of how the world has grown to dislike thermal coal, the leading carbon emitter per-kilowatt-hour. This is Part One.

Whitehaven Coal Marked For Capital Returns

Feb 19 2019

Higher expenditure and lower production cast a shadow over Whitehaven Coal’s first half result. Yet, brokers observe the market is likely to set this aside amid the potential for capital returns.

Thermal Coal Dynamics Underpin Whitehaven

Oct 18 2018

A strong finish is anticipated in 2018 for Whitehaven Coal, which has maintained guidance despite a soft September quarter.

Uncertainty Creeps Into Whitehaven Outlook

Jul 17 2018

Whitehaven Coal is riding a wave of multi-year highs in coal prices but a few uncertainties are creeping into the outlook.

Whitehaven Coal In A Purple Patch

Feb 20 2018

Strong economic conditions across Asia have supported coal prices and the main issue for brokers is what Whitehaven Coal will decide regarding its enhanced cash flow.