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An Idea With Currency: The American Quest For A New Crypto Accord

Oct 28 2021

The listing of a bitcoin ETF, and bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador, have marked milestone moments in an asset class US regulators are still unsure how to control

Tesla – The Best Is Yet To Come

Oct 25 2021

Tesla’s latest result puts the critics and permabears firmly on the back foot, reports Danielle Ecuyer

Will Net-Zero Policies Impact Business Travel?

Oct 20 2021

Henry Hill of Wavestone Capital notes corporate concerns over carbon footprints, alongside the rise of video conferencing, threatens the business travel market

Moving the Needle On Vaccine Market’s Systemic Issues

Oct 18 2021

As the world prepares to re-open for international travel, countries need to find common ground on vaccine passport approvals

The Importance Of Equities For Wealth

Oct 14 2021

As the prosperity gap widens between rich and poor nations, answers are sought over how US households continue to hold almost half of the world’s total private financial assets

Unstable Foundations: The Risks In Relying On A Post-Pandemic ‘Snapback’ In Infrastructure

Oct 01 2021

The fact superfunds and other large asset managers are now scrambling to obtain ownership of listed, long-duration infrastructure assets does not prevent that society post-covid might remain different from pre-covid, with consequences for some of these assets

Factor Powerhouse: Value Plus Quality

Sep 30 2021

Research by The Leuthold Group suggests better returns await those investors who combine cheaper asset prices (‘Value’) with a Quality assessment

Why Sell Great Businesses For The Mediocre?

Sep 28 2021

Bob Desmond, Head of Claremont Global, explains why selling Quality companies for a short-term value ‘advantage’ is not by default the best strategy to follow

Banks (Need To) Go Big On Digital Revolution

Sep 21 2021

With rapid digitalisation a key characteristic of our post-pandemic world, traditional banks are expected to keep pace with global trends. The Asia Pacific banking sector, in particular, appears behind global peers when it comes to digitisation, and a strong shift is needed to retain market share

Beating The Biotech Blues

Sep 14 2021

Janus Henderson’s Andy Acker explains why small and mid-cap biotechs have seriously underperformed, and why a strong recovery could be expected

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