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Is Cheap Oil Good For America?

Dec 19 2018

The president wants low interest rates, and a low oil price, believing that to be good good for the US…

Global Equities Outlook For 2019

Nov 13 2018

Jacob Mitchell of Antipodes Partners looks ahead to 2019 in the context of tariffs and the risk of the Fed getting it wrong.

China Versus The US

Oct 30 2018

As Wall Street tumbles, Mark Tinker of AXA Investment Managers questions whether the US really is winning the trade war.

A View From The Global Equity Market

Oct 23 2018

Mark Tinker of AXA IM discusses the numerous headwinds currently buffeting equity markets and a US-China economic Cold War that could be a feature for the foreseeable future.

Is The Fed Ahead Of The Curve?

Oct 16 2018

Kathleen Brooks of Capital Index discusses why the Fed may be forced to back down from its anticipated rate hike schedule.

Whereto For US Bond Rates?

Oct 12 2018

Chris Diaz, Co-Head of Global Bonds at Janus Henderson, discusses the implications of the recent sell-off in US Treasuries.

Why US Indices Could Be At Their Peak

Sep 28 2018

Kathleen Brooks of Capital Index notes the Fed’s latest US GDP growth projections imply a slowdown in the December quarter, which typically is reflected in the S&P500.

No Big Nasdaq Nasties For Now

Sep 18 2018

Ken Odeluga of Capital Index suggests the Nasdaq is showing little sign of ending its decade-long uptrend.

A Big Night In Forex Markets

Sep 14 2018

Kathleen Brooks of Capital Index notes a central bank deluge and weak US economic data have set fire under forex markets from the UK to Europe and on to Turkey.

Global Implications Of Tighter US Monetary Conditions

Sep 07 2018

AXA Investment Managers’ Mark Tinker explains why trade war tensions alone do not explain current issues facing emerging markets, with a word or two about Australia.

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