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Global Implications Of Tighter US Monetary Conditions

Sep 07 2018

AXA Investment Managers’ Mark Tinker explains why trade war tensions alone do not explain current issues facing emerging markets, with a word or two about Australia.

The Road To War Part 2: China’s Kryptonite

Aug 06 2018

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills explains why China’s push to become a world power is beset with limitations.

The Road To War: China vs US

Jul 26 2018

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills addresses the question: Are the US and China headed for war, economic or otherwise?

Currency War

Jul 24 2018

Kathleen Brooks of Capital Index discusses the implications of possible Bank of Japan tightening and further yuan weakness.

Last Hurrah For Wall Street?

Jul 20 2018

Kathleen Brooks of Capital Index notes concentration of leadership suggests the US rally is late-cycle, but is that the case?

Headwinds To Bite For US Housing

Jun 01 2018

The US housing market is still growing a-pace but that pace has begun to ease and rising costs are pointing to elevated risks in the medium term.

Trade War Obscures Fundamental Shift To A Multi-Polar World

Apr 17 2018

AXA’s Mark Tinker suggests investors need to embrace and exploit a new world order in which the US is not the only centre of the economic universe.

Could Excessive Hedging Sink The S&P500?

Oct 12 2017

Kathleen Brooks of City Index notes that while the Vix remains low in the US, the CBOE Skew Index suggests elevated buying of out-of-the-money protection.

Time To Look To FX For Volatility

Oct 10 2017

Kathleen Brooks of City Index suggests US stock market volatility may be low but not so for the greenback, pound and emerging market currencies.

Fundamental Support For US Dollar Looking Thin

Oct 04 2017

Kathleen Brooks of City Index suggests bullish triggers for the US dollar may not be so bullish after all, but technicals still support a USD rally.

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