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FNArena Corporate Results Monitor – 29-03-2021

Mar 29 2021

FNArena’s Monitor keeps track of corporate earnings result releases, including broker views, ratings and target price changes and beat/miss assessments

Computershare Hikes Long-Term Potential

Mar 26 2021

Computershare will break into the US corporate trust industry with a substantial acquisition promising long-term earnings potential

Premier Investments Reaps Margin Bonanza

Mar 25 2021

Rental reductions and government subsidies underpinned strong first half earnings for specialty retailer Premier Investments. Yet, how will growth stack up in the second half, or FY22?

No Such Thing As Too Much Bling

Mar 25 2021

With a better than expected first half and prospects of an even better second half, the only way from here is up for Lovisa Holdings

M&A Now On Sigma Healthcare’s Agenda

Mar 24 2021

Having completed its efficiency drive, Sigma Healthcare is looking to M&A to enable future growth

Surging Coal Prices Underpin New Hope

Mar 24 2021

New Hope Corp is facing the prospect of putting New Acland on the shelf while strengthening coal prices have boosted cash flow and a resumption of dividends

More Gas For Beach Energy?

Mar 23 2021

Beach Energy has found gas in its Artisan exploration well although other fields supplying Victoria’s Otway plant are considered more promising

Insurers Tackle More Risk As NSW Floods

Mar 23 2021

Just over a year ago it was bushfires, now floods in NSW have put the spotlight once again on the insurance industry

How Can AGL Energy Broaden Its Appeal?

Mar 22 2021

An oversupply of electricity looms, putting pressure on wholesale power prices. Could separating Loy Yang A be the panacea for AGL Energy?

Will Commonwealth Bank Stir Up BNPL?

Mar 18 2021

Can Commonwealth Bank’s entry to the BNPL industry with its own virtual card upset the current operators? Will this create churn?

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