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Metcash Under Scrutiny After Losing 7-Eleven

Nov 25 2019

Grocery wholesaler Metcash has lost its second major contract in 18 months, exacerbating speculation around the scale and sustainability of the company’s distribution channel.

Mayne Pharma Aspires To Specialisation

Nov 25 2019

Mayne Pharma aspires to have more than 60% of its FY24 revenue from US specialty products, although significant challenges in generics are likely to beset the business in the interim.

FNArena Corporate Results Monitor – 25-11-2019

Nov 25 2019

FNArena’s Monitor keeps track of corporate earnings result releases, including broker views, ratings and target price changes and beat/miss assessments.

BlueScope Affirms Solid First Half Outlook

Nov 25 2019

Brokers are relieved BlueScope Steel reiterated first half guidance at its AGM and signalled there were no heightened areas of risk heading into the second half.

Aristocrat Leisure Remains On Winning Streak

Nov 21 2019

Aristocrat Leisure has built a strong track record and brokers found little to dislike about the company’s FY19 results. The focus is now on a promising digital strategy.

Qantas Sets Ambitious Targets

Nov 21 2019

Qantas asserts that its dominant position in the domestic market and dual brand advantage will support ambitious targets for margin expansion.

Growth And Challenges Ahead For a2 Milk

Nov 20 2019

A2 Milk envisages strong growth in the year ahead despite the challenges in the Chinese infant formula market. The main issue for brokers is whether the necessary investment will deliver the expected returns.

Are Market Fears For Suncorp Overdone?

Nov 20 2019

In his first presentation to investors as CEO of Suncorp, Steve Johnston opted to exclude all reference to profit margins and returns, implying potential for another earnings re-set.

Upgrades Happening Again At Appen

Nov 19 2019

Appen has upgraded guidance for 2019, underpinned by its core Relevance revenue and largely from existing customers. Figure Eight provides the extra potential in 2020.

How Important Is Home Ownership?

Nov 19 2019

Home ownership has long been considered critical to building wealth in Australia. So, does it matter if young people are taking longer to get into the mortgage belt?

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