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FNArena is one of few remaining truly independent providers of financial markets analysis, financial commentary and business news in Australia. Our Daily Financial News is not based on ASX lodgements or corporate press releases, but more so on updated views, insights and responses from stockbrokers and other experts. FNArena is not aligned with any financial institution, hence the moniker “independent”. We have a long history of publishing out-of-consensus views and market analysis. Our quest is not to be bullish or bearish, but to correctly assess future trends.

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Benefits of government subsidy increases are likely to be constrained in the near term for childcare centres, as supply is overwhelming demand.

12:33 PM - Australia

FNArena’s Treasure Chest reports on money making ideas from stockbrokers and other experts. Perceived headwinds have led the market to downgrade Ramsay Health Care to five-year low multiples. Wilsons believes this is too low.

11:58 AM - Treasure Chest

Is The Banks’ Crucifixion Over?

Peter Switzer of the Switzer Super Report outlines the views of those who believe bank share prices have now fallen too far.

10:34 AM - FYI

The launch of Amazon Prime, ahead of expectations, suggests to brokers the company is serious and confident regarding delivery of its business model to Australians.

Jun 19 2018 - Australia

Previous Stories

South32 Expands Base Metal Options

Jun 19 2018 - Australia

South32 has taken control of Arizona Mining, which provides a base metal opportunity and expands its geographic base.

Costs Rising For Gold Miners

Jun 19 2018 - Australia

Gold miners are facing the headwind of sharp increases in costs in the years ahead.

Telstra At Pivot Point

Jun 19 2018 - Technicals

Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities suggests the up/downside for Telstra from here depends on breaching critical levels.

The Future Of Retail Is Emerging Quickly

Jun 18 2018 - Australia

While risks on several fronts confront Australia’s retail sector, Deloitte Access Economics looks at where benefits┬ácan be obtained from online disruption.

Urban Consolidation Inspires Goodman Group

Jun 18 2018 - Australia

Supply constraints in urban locations are triggering demand for multi-storey assets and this is supporting Goodman Group’s development portfolio.

ASX200: Back To The High

Jun 18 2018 - Technicals

Craig Parker of Moat Capital suggests the ASX200 is primed to retest 6150.

Are Coal Prices Topping Out?

Jun 15 2018 - Commodities

Supply and demand factors have induced a jump in coal prices in recent months but analysts are not convinced the high levels are here to stay.

Our Changing Climate

Jun 15 2018 - FYI

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills begins a three-part series on the controversial issue of climate change and its impacts.

Challenger Reallocates For Growth

Jun 14 2018 - Australia

Challenger is reducing property and increasing fixed income exposure, which will deliver a negative impact on margins and earnings in the near term.

CSL Risk Still To The Upside

Jun 14 2018 - Technicals

The Chartist reports CSL must at some point consolidate but for now a push through $200 is looking likely.

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