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FNArena is one of few remaining truly independent providers of financial markets analysis, financial commentary and business news in Australia. Our Daily Financial News is not based on ASX lodgements or corporate press releases, but more so on updated views, insights and responses from stockbrokers and other experts. FNArena is not aligned with any financial institution, hence the moniker “independent”. We have a long history of publishing out-of-consensus views and market analysis. Our quest is not to be bullish or bearish, but to correctly assess future trends.

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Latest Stories

Bank of Queensland has veered conservatively, taking further provisions to account for the impact of the pandemic. Brokers assess this makes the bank’s dividend outlook highly uncertain.

Sep 30 2020 - Australia

GTI Resources’ Gold Project Ahead Of Schedule

SPONSORED: GTI Resources has finished its aircore drilling program at the Niagara Gold Project ahead of schedule

Sep 30 2020 - FYI

Peter Switzer of the Switzer Report offers seven reasons why this year will not see an October crash, as is occasionally the case.

Sep 30 2020 - FYI

A new global customer should help Synlait Milk counter the potential entry into manufacturing by chief customer a2 Milk but risks remain.

Sep 30 2020 - Small Caps

Previous Stories

Daigou Drought Sours a2 Milk Outlook

Sep 29 2020 - Australia

Sales of a2 Milk’s infant formula within China remain robust but the slump in daigou sales has caught the market napping and forecasts for FY21 are downgraded sharply.

FNArena Corporate Results Monitor – 29-09-2020

Sep 29 2020 - Australia

FNArena’s Monitor keeps track of corporate earnings result releases, including broker views, ratings and target price changes and beat/miss assessments

Qantas Ascending

Sep 29 2020 - Technicals

Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities notes Qantas shares are again on the move up, on solid volume, suggesting a retest of the recent high.

Online Sales Crucial For Premier Investments

Sep 28 2020 - Australia

The Premier Investments suite of retail businesses are resilient, with online an increasingly crucial driver of sales going forward.

Decision On Santos’ Narrabri CSG Project Nears

Sep 28 2020 - Treasure Chest

As a critical decision on Santos’ Narrabri project nears, brokers note the company has several other irons in the fire which can generate cash flow and growth

FNArena Corporate Results Monitor – 28-09-2020

Sep 28 2020 - Australia

FNArena’s Monitor keeps track of corporate earnings result releases, including broker views, ratings and target price changes and beat/miss assessments

Why Vonex Is The Telco Stock To Watch In FY21

Sep 25 2020 - FYI

SPONSORED: 2020 has been a stand-out year for Vonex, as it positions itself as the telco of choice for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Tesla’s Battery Plans Threaten Lithium Miners

Sep 25 2020 - Commodities

Tesla has ushered in a new era for electric vehicle battery technology that could shake up the materials supply chain.

Virus Unlikely To Impede Demand For Metals

Sep 24 2020 - Commodities

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills suggests a slow recovery from the virus is not going to dampen demand for gold, silver and copper.

Better Earnings Trajectory Ahead For Nufarm

Sep 24 2020 - Australia

A performance improvement program and recovery in agricultural conditions are expected to provide Nufarm with a better earnings trajectory over coming years.

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