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FNArena is one of few remaining truly independent providers of financial markets analysis, financial commentary and business news in Australia. Our Daily Financial News is not based on ASX lodgements or corporate press releases, but more so on updated views, insights and responses from stockbrokers and other experts. FNArena is not aligned with any financial institution, hence the moniker “independent”. We have a long history of publishing out-of-consensus views and market analysis. Our quest is not to be bullish or bearish, but to correctly assess future trends.

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Trends in plasma collections are improving for CSL but is the recovery being priced in?

Jun 23 2021 - Australia

The Chartist reports the trend for crude oil remains to the upside longer term

Jun 23 2021 - Technicals

There were many positives generated for retailing by the pandemic. What could be short term and what could be longer-lasting impacts?

Jun 22 2021 - Australia

FNArena’s Treasure Chest reports on money making ideas from stockbrokers and other experts.? Boral will sell its North American building products business, ex fly ash, adding complexity in the face of the offer from Seven Group

Jun 22 2021 - Treasure Chest

Previous Stories

CSL: Buy The Dip

Jun 22 2021 - Technicals

Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities suggests CSL is set for a short term share price dip, providing an attractive entry point

Is Coles Building A Moat Or Playing Catch-Up?

Jun 22 2021 - Australia

Short-term pains are expected to help set Coles up for long-term gains, but some brokers question whether a major lift in capex is too little too late to play catch-up with Woolworths

Material Matters: Coal, Base Metals & Iron Ore

Jun 21 2021 - Commodities

A glance through the latest expert views and predictions about commodities: drilling; thermal coal; base metals; iron ore; and potash

Challenger Takes Shelter In Higher Capital

Jun 21 2021 - Australia

Challenger has decided to raise capital targets to sustain its earnings base, reducing return on equity target and deploying more cash into fixed income

Contractors: The Best & Worst Of Times

Jun 17 2021 - Australia

Just when commodity prices are enjoying boom times, along come labour shortages to frustrate the contractor services sector

Domino’s To Apply Regional Playbook In Taiwan

Jun 17 2021 - Australia

Domino’s Taiwan, Domino’s Pizza’s first push outside of Japan on its way to building a larger Asian business, has potential to turbo-charge growth but patience is required

Iron Ore: Remain Bullish

Jun 17 2021 - Technicals

The Chartist notes the prices of iron ore and its miners have taken a breather, but the technicals suggest resumption of the uptrend

Insurers Grapple With Costs And Competition

Jun 16 2021 - Australia

As Victoria’s floods signal the end of FY21, Australia’s general insurers are having to grapple with price pressure on reinsurance as well as heightened competition in some segments

Opportunity For ResMed Following Philips Recall

Jun 16 2021 - Australia

ResMed has reported increased engagement with potential CPAP customers as a result of the Philips recall, although the opportunity could be limited by supply constraints

Premier Investments: All About The Margin

Jun 16 2021 - Australia

Following another impressive trading update from Premier Investments, brokers have been left to question the sustainability of ‘exceptional’ gross margin expansion

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