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FNArena is one of few remaining truly independent providers of financial markets analysis, financial commentary and business news in Australia. Our Daily Financial News is not based on ASX lodgements or corporate press releases, but more so on updated views, insights and responses from stockbrokers and other experts. FNArena is not aligned with any financial institution, hence the moniker “independent”. We have a long history of publishing out-of-consensus views and market analysis. Our quest is not to be bullish or bearish, but to correctly assess future trends.

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Bank of Queensland has myriad issues to deal with and brokers expect revenue growth will be difficult over the next couple of years with the stock likely to underperform.

Oct 18 2019 - Australia

Is the market pricing in excessive growth for Afterpay Touch or does there remain a significant opportunity for US expansion? Two brokers initiate coverage and differ in their outlook.

Oct 17 2019 - Australia

Plastic has become an intractable problem and intractable problems require revolutionary solutions. The world may be standing on the brink of a transformation as radical as the I-phone. (Part One in a series of Two)

Oct 17 2019 - ESG Focus

A glance through the latest expert views and predictions about commodities. Base metals; nickel; copper; housing China; coking coal; and oil.

Oct 16 2019 - Commodities

Previous Stories

Upside For Silver

Oct 16 2019 - Technicals

The Chartist suggests if silver holds support another up-leg is on the cards.

Santos Takes The Helm At Darwin LNG

Oct 15 2019 - Australia

Santos has obtained a majority share and will become the operator of key LNG assets in northern Australia.

Enthusiasm Wanes For Pendal Group

Oct 15 2019 - Australia

A deteriorating investment performance across several Pendal Group funds, particularly in the UK, has dampened enthusiasm for the stock.

Ten Stocks That Will Benefit From A Trade Deal

Oct 15 2019 - FYI

Peter Switzer of the Switzer Report suggests ten stocks (including ETFs) that he sees as trade deal beneficiaries.

South32 Heading North?

Oct 15 2019 - Technicals

Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities notes after a long decline South32 appears to have formed a double-bottom.

US Avenue For City Chic To Expand

Oct 14 2019 - Small Caps

The acquisition of US apparel retailer Avenue, with a focus on online business, is expected to provide meaningful earnings accretion for City Chic Collective.

Confidence In Brambles Edges Higher

Oct 14 2019 - Australia

Brokers are modestly confident Brambles can negotiate a tough macro outlook and provide reasonable revenue growth in FY20.

Material Matters: Pressure On Base Metals, Nickel Defies Slump

Oct 14 2019 - Commodities

A glance through the latest expert views and predictions about commodities. Zinc; Iron ore; nickel; oil; gold.

Orora Increases Exposure To North America

Oct 11 2019 - Australia

Most brokers believe Orora has made the right decision to sell its Australasian fibre business to Nippon Paper, although this increases its exposure to North America.

RESEARCH: ReTech Technology, Fast-Growing EdTech Play

Oct 11 2019 - FYI

Pitt Street Research initiates coverage of China-based eLearning SaaS company, Retech Technology.

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