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Rudi’s View: The Service FNArena Provides

Always an independent thinker, Rudi has not shied away from making big out-of-consensus predictions that proved accurate later on. When Rio Tinto shares surged above $120 he wrote investors should sell. In mid-2008 he warned investors not to hold on to equities in oil producers. In August 2008 he predicted the largest sell-off in commodities stocks was about to follow. In 2009 he suggested Australian banks were an excellent buy. Between 2011 and 2015 Rudi consistently maintained investors were better off avoiding exposure to commodities and to commodities stocks. Post GFC, he dedicated his research to finding All-Weather Performers. See also "All-Weather Performers" on this website, as well as the Special Reports section.

Rudi's View | Jul 31 2019

By Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor FNArena

Dear FNArena, how exactly can I maximise my benefit from your service? Can you help me out?

This question, in various varieties, regularly lands into the FNArena mailbox. For the benefit of many, I am sharing one of my recent responses to one multi-year long subscriber who felt he wasn't using the service as well as he should.

FNArena starts from the conclusion that raw data need context and regular updates that explain changes in context and data.

Hence our unique and proprietary AUSTRALIAN BROKER CALL REPORT keeps readers updated on a daily basis about what analysts think, suspect, conclude and view.

You'll find the Report meticulously registers changes in valuations & targets, forecasts and ratings/recommendations alongside a summary explanation of the views behind these changes.

I personally consider this Report as the financial newspaper every active investor should read. You don't have to necessarily agree with any of it, but at least you are informed and up to date about what is moving share prices and market momentum/sentiment in general.

The Australian Broker Call covers seven stockbrokers (we recently lost Deutsche Bank) covering in total more than 400 ASX-listed stocks. These stocks are not updated every day, hence why we added STOCK ANALYSIS, which allows subscribers to look up each of the 400+ stocks and get an instant overview into what broker views are, alongside valuations/targets, forecasts and direct translation into AUD for companies reporting in a foreign currency.

Here you will also find calculations such as PE ratios and dividend yield. There's even a dividend calculator and franking indicator, plus a price chart with basic moving averages near the bottom of each page, including the trend in earnings forecasts.

Next step is the ability to SEARCH and COMPARE.

FNArena's SENTIMENT INDICATOR allows for searches on general sentiment, prospective dividend yield and gaps between share prices and consensus target. We also offer a monthly updated AUSTRALIAN SUPER STOCK REPORT which contains key data in Excel spreadsheet format, which allows subscribers to download the data and format and use whichever way they like/prefer/want.

When it comes to COMPARING we have a few options available on the website. FNArena WINDOWS puts all 400+ companies together in sectors and sub-sectors starting with Industrials, Financials and Commodities. You can drill down into smaller sub-sectors until there are no further options left.

The R-FACTOR compares the full ASX200 on the basis of 2-year forward looking forecasts for EPS and/or DPS. This function has historically been quite accurate in highlighting the stocks that seem undervalued compared with consensus forecasts.

Another comparing device is THE ICARUS SIGNAL which highlights which stocks have moved beyond consensus price targets. Again, one has to consider that context is as important as the raw data.

To provide more context and specific insights, FNArena publishes DAILY NEWS STORIES and ANALYSIS, including my personal observations and RESEARCH INTO ALL-WEATHER PERFORMERS in the Australian share market. There is a dedicated section on the website, which is exclusively available for paying subscribers.

You can read my Weekly Insights via RUDI's VIEWS.

We have a GUIDE TO THE WEBSITE on the horizontal black ribbon across the website, where also our main drop down menus are located.

Ultimately, our observations and experience since 2002 tells us the greatest benefits (and financial rewards) befall investors who are willing to read, and learn, and to spend time observing and figuring out why this analyst and why that stock, and who can use their knowledge within a strategy that suits them and feels right.

Financial markets are never static. What worked last year may not be the right strategy this year or next. Similarly, FNArena caters for a wide variety of investors and strategies. Plenty of subscribers have been on board for a decade or longer, and they are relying on FNArena commentary, analysis and tools as a trusted guide through both joyous and challenging times.

You can do this too. Myself and the team here at FNArena are ready to answer your questions and to assist you with finding and executing your strategy, building your portfolio and seeking out opportunities.

Ultimately, a successful investor is the one who can adapt to changing circumstances, who doesn't give up when making a mistake, and who never stops learning. FNArena is here to help you achieving exactly that.

Feel free to ask more questions when necessary.

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