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RESEARCH: Adveritas, Keeping Digital Marketing Safe

FYI | Apr 03 2019

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By Bletchley Park Capital

Adveritas Limited (ASX: AV1)

Adveritas ((AV1)) provides anti-fraud solutions for the global digital marketing sector. Its global B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution – called TrafficGuard – protects mobile app advertisers from fraudulent mobile app installs, such as through “human click fraud farms”. Recent product extensions have significantly expanded TrafficGuard’s addressable market from mobile app install advertising to the wider digital marketing segment.

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1.       Highly scalable global B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product called TrafficGuard.

2.       Growing recurring revenue base through large global Tier 1 clients (eg. Omnicom Media Group, NYSE-listed US$17 bn market cap ( and ClearPier ( AV1 now has clients in 3 segments: (i) media agencies (eg. Omnicom); (ii) advertising networks (eg. ClearPier) and (iii) direct advertisers (ie. app publishers).

3.       Significant sales growth optionality through recent integrations with Campaign Management Platforms (CMPs) HasOffers and Partnerise, providing thousands of industry participants with simple and direct access to TrafficGuard. Partnerize was rated the Best Performance Marketing Technology in 2018 by International Performance Marketing Awards. HasOffers is a leading global CMP with 375 employees in 9 countries.

4.       Successful technology investors/entrepreneurs are large investors – Mark McConnell (ASX: CGL co-founder) and Adam Schwab (Luxury Escapes co-founder).

5.       Servicing the US$19 billion and rapidly growing, global market for digital marketing anti-fraud solutions. Digital marketing fraud is forecast to grow to US$44bn in 2022 (source: Juniper Research).

6.       Patent-pending: TrafficGuard is patent-pending and fully owned by AV1.

7.       Proprietary big data: TrafficGuard is based on AV1’s proprietary big data set. TrafficGuard was developed when AV1 previously operated as a digital marketing business called Tech Mpire (ASX: TMP). In August 2018, the Company pivoted to a global B2B SaaS model and sold its digital marketing business to ClearPier. TMP was able to develop TrafficGuard because it had its own proprietary data on trillions of mobile app advertising campaign data points which it was able to analyse for the purposes of identifying patterns of fraud.

8.       Corporate potential: there is significant venture capital/PE investment in this sector as venture capital investors seek to create the network effect of a “one-stop shop” solution for all digital marketing campaigns (from anti-fraud digital marketing solutions to post-install campaign analysis). Another anti-fraud player Forensiq was recently acquired by IP Radius. Investors in the leading Campaign Management Platforms HasOffers and Partnerise include Mithril Capital Management LLC Greycroft DN Capital Accel, Icon Ventures and android co-founder Andy Rubin's Playground Global

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