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RESEARCH: ParaZero Enters Consumer Market

FYI | Jan 15 2019

By Pitt Street Research

ParaZero enters consumer market

SafeAir for the world’s most popular drone
With the launch of its latest autonomous drone safety system, the ‘SafeAir Phantom’, Parazero Limited ((PRZ)) expands into the high-volume, consumer-oriented drone market. This new product widens the scope of PRZ's customer base from commercial drone users to include the consumer market as well.

Gartner estimates that in 2019, 4.5m drones will be sold for commercial and consumer usage. The global drone market is expected to grow to almost US$40bn by 2025, and we believe the introduction of the SafeAir Phantom will enable PRZ to capture a substantial chunk of the market for drone safety systems.

Safety system for Mavic to be available soon
A new PRZ product that will be compatible with DJI's Mavic 2 and Pro series, will become available soon as well. Phantom and Mavic together are the world's best-selling consumer drones. We believe that safety will be a key driver for growth of the drone market, and PRZ should be able to leverage that growth by addressing the most popular drone models worldwide.

Conclusion: addressing the largest segment in the drone market
We believe PRZ's entry into safety systems for high-end consumer drones will enable the company to address the largest segment of the global drone market. Drone safety systems are increasingly required by regulation and the affordable price level of the SafeAir Phantom as well as the numerous benefits for users should lead to attractive unit sales numbers going forward, in our view.

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