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Today’s Financial Calendar

Daily Market Reports | Mar 06 2018

The FNArena Calendar is compiled on a best endeavours basis and cannot be relied upon to be undeniably accurate. Australian companies are not legally obliged to notify of intended reporting dates nor adhere to dates previously suggested. The Calendar is sourced from calendars compiled by stockbrokers which more often than not will contradict each other. FNArena apologies for any inaccuracies that appear from time to time in its own compilation. The Calendar should be viewed by readers as a guide and not a definitive source.

Significant Scheduled Events For 06 March, 2018:

  • (AU) – RBA policy meeting
  • (AU) – current account, Q4
  • (AU) – retail sales, Jan
  • (US) – factory orders, Jan
  • (BGA) – ex-div 5.5c
  • (CMI) – ex-div 3c
  • (CYA) – ex-div 2.09c
  • (DOW) – ex-div 13c
  • (HOM) – ex-div 0.9c
  • (MFD) – ex-div 7.65c
  • (MOC) – ex-div 9c
  • (MPL) – ex-div 5.5c
  • (NCK) – ex-div 16c
  • (NEC) – ex-div 5c
  • (OSH) – ex-div 7.05c
  • (RHC) – ex-div 57.5c
  • (SBM) – ex-div 4c
  • (SHL) – ex-div 32c
  • (SLM) – ex-div 1c
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