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New Website: VIP Promotion For Subscribers

FYI | Apr 13 2017

Paid subscribers to FNArena can visit My Account, which is located in the green rectangle at the very top, left, of the website, after logging on.

Here subscribers can update their email address and logon password, as well as find all basic details about their subscription, including the expiration date.

There's a reminder that all renewals prior to expiration attract a "loyalty discount" of $40 or $20 depending on whether 12 or 6 months are being added.

There is also an extra tab, VIP Promotion, containing the following explanation:

"When you introduce friends, colleagues and contacts to FNArena, make sure they nominate your email address when signing up for a free trial.

If at the end of the trial, one of your references takes up a paid subscription for 12 months, you both receive one month extra to your paid subscription term.

There are no limits to the number of people you can introduce to the FNArena service. Just make sure they don't forget to include your email address when signing up."

For more information about this VIP Promotion, send us an email at or send a message through the website (preferred).

Non-paying members can also refer friends and contacts under the same conditions. If contacts sign up, and they mentioned the referral's email address, both receive one month of extra access if at the end of the trial payment for a twelve month subscription follows.

Find out why FNArena subscribers like the service so much: "Your Feedback (Thank You)" – Warning this story contains unashamedly positive feedback on the service provided.

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