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New Website: How Do I Find Stuff?

FYI | Mar 17 2017

The launch of the new website is still generating positive feedback with many subscribers, new and old, reporting they very much enjoy the new features and improved lay-out.

Alas, not everybody has sufficient time and energy to explore the many new options, add-ons and tools. To assist them, and everybody else, with maximising their benefits from accessing the new website, FNArena will publish a weekly series aimed at highlighting new and valuable features.

This week we'll zoom in on the improved method to navigate the website.

It has been a constant feature since FNArena launched the new website in February: where can I find this? I don't know how I can find that? Subscribers relying on old reflexes to find their favourite tools and applications, can sometimes feel a bit off when dealing with the new and improved FNArena.

And yet, we feel we made life a lot simpler and easier. Underneath the company logo and the large banner advertisement near the top of the front page runs a grey-ish horizontal bar with three key items on it: the home symbol, followed by FINANCIAL NEWS and DATA & ANALYSIS.

Both FINANCIAL NEWS and DATA & ANALYSIS open up a drop down menu where subscribers and other users can find most of what they could possibly be looking for, including The Australian Broker Call Report, Calendar, All-Weather Performers, Stock Analysis, Rudi's Views and Special Reports.

Many of these also feature on the front page, when scrolling down, but it's probably best to concentrate on these two central drop down menus as the focal starting point from which to find other sections on the website. We have no doubt subscribers will navigate much faster and easier, once they incorporate the new system in their daily habits. They stand to discover a lot of extra items as well, making their personal experience much fuller and richer.

Find out why FNArena subscribers like the service so much: "Your Feedback (Thank You)" – Warning this story contains unashamedly positive feedback on the service provided.

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