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Your Editor On TV: Yield With Growth Investors’ Best Option

FNArena Talks | Apr 10 2014

"Highly enjoyable" was the common expression used between the three participants leaving Sky Business studios after another broadcast of Your Money, Your Call – Bonds versus Equities on Friday, March 21st. Feedback after the broadcast has further confirmed the high amusement factor also found its way to viewers of the program.

Fixed income specialist Fiig has uploaded a recorded version of the program on YouTube and this means it can still be viewed by investors who missed the original broadcast. Investors should take note total duration is approximately 48 minutes of uninterrupted talks and discussions about yield, growth, portfolio balance, security and protection for SMSF trustees and other investors.

Probably the main characteristic of this particular broadcast is that things went off script pretty much once the first question had been asked and the program did not return to the original script until the final segment when host and moderator Mark Todd, ex-Fiig and nowadays working for National Australia Bank, can be heard asking whether the clock really is showing the correct time.

Items addressed during the program include growth and yield in the share market, miners and oil and gas stocks changing their stripes, the power of bond holders, changing investor priorities, inflation and funds flows and improved accessibility to bonds for Australian investors.

Apart from Mark Todd, the two other participants were Gavin Madson, from Fiig, and Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor at FNArena (who receives a few big compliments as the night unfolds).

The broadcast in full can be viewed via YouTube:

As said, duration is about 48 minutes. Enjoy.

Past broadcasts can be viewed via the Investor Education section on the FNArena website:

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