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FNArena News - January 25 2013

By Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor FNArena

I joined Twitter. Not because I am curious what this celebrity has to say about her kids, or to read that another one is waiting for a connecting flight, impatiently. Twitter allows me to follow news and commentary sources such as Dow Jones' Marketwatch, Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal. It assists me in keeping up with what is happening across the globe, while I am observing and analysing financial markets myself.

While I am on Twitter, reading a quote here and a news flash there, I offer my own succinct insights and commentary. Those amongst you who have already discovered the virtues of a Twitter account can add my Tweets to their daily news via @filapek.

For those who have no intention to join Twitter, but would like to stay up to date, below are my Tweets from the week past:

- Spot Iron Ore - China Import (Fines 62% FE) up $0.90 to US$148.60/dry tonne

- An excellent look-in at what is happening at #BHP Billiton by Greg Peel: BHP Can Produce, But Can It Profit? http://tinyurl.com/a7weufv

- Equity market analysts are increasingly warning about indicators at 2012 highs, or higher. Citi's US econ surprise index now in the negative

- CIMB/RBS Morgans sees consolidation phase ahead for BHP Billiton; downgrades to Neutral with reduced price target of $37.71

- UBS raises year-end target for ASX200 to 5000 from 4800 prior (same as GS did earlier); anticipates grind higher #equities

- Post excellent production report: Citi downgrades #BHP Billiton to Neutral with unchanged price target of $36

- Commodities mixed, with slight positive bias overnight. #China Fe62 spot #ironore price rose by US$1.80 to US$147.70 a tonne

- The smallest house in Brussels is on the auction block http://reut.rs/Wu5EqL

- Oz Stockbrokers today: Downgrades for Mirabela Nickel, upgrades for Lynas and Coca-Cola Amatil. Macquarie holds positive view on Telstra

- GS thinks ASX200 can attack 5000 this year, but first consolidation after strong rally seems to be around the corner #equities #investing

- GS sees momentum fading from iron ore, thus #Fortescue (#FMG) will find difficult to outperform. Rating cut to Neutral, off Conviction List

- #Nickel still struggling but commodities in general mildly higher overnight markets. #China Fe62% Spot #ironore unchanged at US$145.90/tonne

- Participate in FNArena's January Investor Sentiment Survey (only takes up about 5 minutes) http://goo.gl/ENvLY

- BA-ML thinks #ironore has overshot positive momentum. Prefers to switch into #energy stocks instead. Also Underweight yield stocks

- Interesting: UBS suggests competitor AB now has a technological edge over #Cochlear with #COH expected to respond later in the year

- As one would expect: GS' Richard Coppleson has returned from holidays with a raging bullish view: Oz equities to generate 15% return in 2013

- UBS says miners currently in earnings momentum sweet spot. Likely to end around July with China seasonal slow down. Timing remains critical

- Barely a sign of life in #commodity markets overnight. #Nickel underperforms. #China Fe62% spot #ironore adds US80c to US$145.90/tonne

You can add my regular Tweets on Twitter via @filapek

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