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Brokers Cool On Premier Investments
Premier Investments impressed brokers with sales growth across all brands in FY14 but a repeat performance in FY15 may be difficult.
The Short Report
FNArena's weekly update on short positions in the Australian share market.
More Downside For The Banks
The Chartist reports the Australian bank index has further downside potential but will soon offer up an attractive re-entry point.
Australian Corporate Bond Price Tables
FNArena provides a weekly update of Australian listed corporate bond issues, current pricing and yield data.
Material Matters: Philippines, Base Metals, Oil, And Stock Tips
The Philippines and ore exports; Deutsche Bank rejigs long-term base metals forecasts; Good Oil Conference delegates upbeat; and Metals X steps up gold production.
The Overnight Report: Join The Dots
"Considerable time" is still in there, but the Fed's forward interest rate assumptions have shifted higher. Dow up 24 and the Aussie has an 8 in front of it. (Accessible only for subscribers before 10:15 AEST)
Today's Financial Calendar
Significant Scheduled Events For 18 September, 2014
Australian Stocks: What Happened Today?
A wrap of the day's activity on the Australian stock market.
Chinese Coal Ban: The Losers
Thermal coal exporters from Australia have been dealt another blow as China says no to lower quality.
China Brings Forward Gold Exchange Opening
A delay in the launch of a new Singapore gold contract sees China opportunistically advancing the opening of its own gold exchange.
Aussie Jumps Most In Two Weeks
Market analysts at FXCM have used the Aussie dollar bounce to reduce half their short exposure but retain half in expectation of further downside.
Correction Week: This Time IS Different
Peter Switzer of the Switzer Super Report looks at factors this week which could spark a correction in global stock markets.

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