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Material Matters: Quarterly Resources Previews, Copper And Crude
Expectations for September quarter production reports and a cautious outlook for copper and crude.
Uncertainty Lifts As GBST Holdings Downgrades
Financial software business, GBST Holdings, has materially downgraded FY16 earnings forecasts in the wake of project deferrals from major clients.
Share Buybacks - Who's Doing It?
Weekly Update on ASX-listed companies buying in their own stock.
Woolworths: Signs Of Life?
The Chartist reports that after a long sell-down, Woolworths is technically suggesting the possibility of further upside.
Smaller Cap Industrials: Re-Rating Or Bubble Threat?
In this week's Weekly Insights: - Smaller Cap Industrials: Re-Rating Or Bubble Threat? - China Threat Ongoing - What If Lower Growth Is The Future? - The Oil Search Valuation Tool
The Overnight Report: Marking Time
Wall Street saw another session of low volume and meandering trade last night ahead of significant post-market earnings releases. Dow down 49. (Accessible only for subscribers before 10:15 AEST)
Today's Financial Calendar
Significant Scheduled Events For 14 October, 2015
China's Consumption Set To Surge
China's consumers need to lift the pace of spending in order for consumption to take the helm in the economy, as investment in industrialisation is reduced, ANZ Bank analysts contend.
IPH Moves Closer To Domestic Market Goal
IPH Ltd is moving closer to its domestic market goal, adding the Callinans patent and trade mark assets to its portfolio.
Uranium Week: Price Spike
Spot uranium last week enjoyed its biggest weekly price increase since November 2011.
iProperty Set For A Run?
Michael Gable of Fairmont Equities notes small cap iProperty has broken out of the top of its range.
Material Matters: Commodity Outlook, Steel, Coking Coal, Gold And Base Metals
Turnaround in resources nigh?; Chinese steel supply; met coal prices; UBS holds the line on gold prices, downgrades copper and nickel.

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