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PBS Cuts Create Headwinds For Pharmacy Wholesalers
The latest agreement between the government and the pharmacy industry involves cuts to the PBS and a subsequent drag on pharmacy company earnings, with Sigma and API among those impacted.
Cost Savings Critical to Suncorp's Earnings
Suncorp has announced new cost saving initiatives but brokers are wary of how much will translate to the bottom line.
The Short Report
FNArena's weekly update on short positions in the Australian share market.
Australian Corporate Bond Price Tables
FNArena provides a weekly update of Australian listed corporate bond issues, current pricing and yield data.
Technology One Atop The Cloud, But At What Price?
Brokers accept Technology One is gaining pace in cloud conversions but believe the stock is too expensive.
The Overnight Report: Hail The Dealmaker
The Greek prime minister has said a deal is nigh. No one else has, but markets liked it. Dow up 121. (Accessible only for subscribers before 10:15 AEST)
Today's Financial Calendar
Significant Scheduled Events For 28 May, 2015
Australian LNG And The Low Oil Price Environment
How do Australia's significant LNG prospects shape up in a world of lower oil prices?
The Questions YOU Have To Ask
Peter Switzer of the Switzer Super Report argues why investors should not be frustrated by a currently frustrating local stock market.
OzForex: Opportunities Outweigh Costs
OzForex revealed strong sales growth in FY15 but saw a negative share price reaction, attributed to an acceleration in costs.
Qantas Descending?
The Chartist notes strong volume at Qantas' trading highs, possibly suggesting a pullback.
Superior Strategy Also Offers Best Protection
In this week's Weekly Insights: - Superior Strategy Also Offers Best Protection - Lies, Silliness And Stats - Update On All-Weather Performers - Share Buybacks - Who's Doing It? - Rudi On TV - Rudi On T

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