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FNArena Windows offers subscribers the option to investigate ASX-listed stocks against their peers. FNArena developed its own sector methodology which in our view overcomes many flaws and disadvantages connected with GICS sectors. Our system starts with three broad sector labels: COMMODITIES, FINANCIAL SERVICES and INDUSTRIALS. From here onwards subscribers can explore further through gradually narrowing branches. This is not investment advice, but simply another window on the Australian Stock Exchange to provide better insight and to assist FNArena subscribers while conducting their own market analysis.

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An interesting new consideration has crept into spot uranium pricing, in a week which saw prices fall back once more.

Mar 28 2017

The world’s largest source of uranium is grappling with the issue of just how it might ensure future baseload power supply.

Mar 21 2017

BKY $0.78


$1.20 $0.47 -15.3



ERA $0.73 0.00% $0.76 $0.32 -8.1



PDN $0.11 0.00% $0.27 $0.06 -4.5



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Uranium Week: See You In Court

Mar 14 2017

Legal proceedings and legislation appear to be dominating the global uranium market at present.

Uranium Week: As You Were

Mar 07 2017

Just as it looked like the uranium price rebound may have expired, demand notably resurfaced last week.

Uranium Week: Momentum Vanishes

Feb 28 2017

The spot uranium price dropped -10% last week as buying interest dried up.

Uranium Week: Buying Interest Fades

Feb 21 2017

After rallying almost 50% from its low, the uranium spot price marked its first weekly decline last week in months.

Uranium Week: Steadily Upward

Feb 14 2017

After another steady gain, the uranium price is now up 49% from its lows.

Uranium Week: Volume Picks Up

Feb 07 2017

The uranium spot market appears to now be feeding on itself as stronger prices lead to increasing interest.

Uranium Week: Momentum Builds

Jan 31 2017

The spot uranium price last week booked its eighth consecutive week of positive or neutral price changes.

Uranium Week: There Can Only Be Upside

Jan 24 2017

It appears 2017 may prove a brighter year for uranium, but it’s a very long way back.

Uranium Week: Relief In 2017?

Jan 17 2017

After suffering a substantial price collapse in 2016, uranium has begun 2017 in a slightly brighter mood.

Uranium Week: Post Illinois Momentum

Dec 20 2016

A landmark decision by Illinois lawmakers is still reverberating through the global uranium sector.