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What The US Bond Market Tells Us

Kathleen Brooks of City Index debates why US bond yields have failed to reflect the Trump-led rally in US equities, and the implications therein.

Feb 21 2017

Is A US Stockmarket Sell-Off Inevitable?

Kathleen Brooks of City Index warns of using traditional measures to call an overbought US market.

Feb 16 2017

Yellen Talks Tough

Kathleen Brooks of City Index dissects Janet Yellen’s testimony before Congress.

Feb 15 2017


Kathleen Brooks of City Index thinks equity markets are likely to overshoot, as they always do, but it shouldn’t be a worry this month just yet.

Dec 22 2016

Previous Stories

Top Priorities for China’s Economy in 2017

Dec 20 2016

Renee Mu, Currency Analyst DailyFX, reports on Chinese authorities’ economic priorities for the new calendar year.

India’s GDP Set To Surge

Nov 14 2016

A surprise clampdown on the black market economy is the latest in a string of measures Jaipur Asset Management believes will add whole percentage points to India’s GDP growth.

What Chance Another Asian Financial Crisis?

Oct 27 2015

Foreign exchange markets are pricing in the possibility of another financial crisis in emerging Asia and not without good reason, Commonwealth Bank economists argue.

Why China’s Manufacturing Sector Is Not Contracting

Oct 21 2015

One broker points out that the market is misunderstanding Beijing’s official monthly PMI releases and drawing the wrong conclusions.

China’s Consumption Set To Surge

Oct 13 2015

China’s consumers need to lift the pace of spending in order for consumption to take the helm in the economy, as investment in industrialisation is reduced, ANZ Bank analysts contend.

Can China Still Change The World?

Jul 30 2015

AllianceBernstein believes that despite concerns over weak growth and market volatility, China is still a country with tremendous upside potential.

Bull In A China Shock

Jul 09 2015

PFP Wealth Management’s Tim Price looks back at history in the context of the Chinese stock market’s bubble and bust.

Chinese QE?

Apr 30 2015

As Beijing rolls out further stimulus policies, the question is being asked “Has China joined the global QE battle?”

China And Reserve Currency Aspirations

Apr 16 2015

Beijing has announced its intention to make the renminbi a fully convertible currency this year, but analysts believe this is an ambitious target.

China: The New Normal Will Not Be 7% Growth

Mar 09 2015

The Chinese government would be foolish to think 7% GDP growth is the new floor, or the economic transformation is finished, argues GaveKal’s Andrew Batson.

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