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Share Buybacks – Who’s Doing It?

Weekly Reports | Mar 15 2017

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International research suggests shares in companies that buy in their own equities are more likely to respond positively through share price appreciation. Investors should note, however, buying back own stock is not a guarantee for significant share price gains ahead.

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Below is an incomplete overview of companies buying in their own shares this year. We very much appreciate all feedback, contributions and suggestions at

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8IH8I Holdings21/09/2016
ACQAcorn Capital Inv Fund10/10/2016
AFAASF Group26/04/2016
AFIAustralian Foundation Investment Co17/02/2017
AGLAGL Energy13/10/2016
AHYAsaleo Care01/10/2015
AIVActivEX Ltd01/11/2016
ALRAberdeen Leaders Ltd27/02/2015
AMHAmcil Ltd17/02/2017
APWAIMS Property Securities Fund07/09/2016
AQFAustralian Governance Masters29/11/2016
ARAAriadne Australia21/08/2014
ARGArgo Investments01/01/2016
AUFAsian Masters Fund23/11/2016
AUIAustralian United Investments14/05/2015
BSLBluescope Steel06/03/2017
BWFBlackwall Property Fund15/03/2016
BWRBlackwall Property Trust07/07/715
CAMClime Capital06/01/2017
CAMPAClime Capital Preference15/08/2016
CCLCoca-Cola Amatil23/03/2017
CGOCPT Global27/08/2015
CHNChalice Gold Mines30/06/2016
CIMCimic Group29/12/2016
CINCarlton Investments29/11/2015
CIWClime Investment Management28/12/2016
CLTCellnet Group09/09/2015
CMCChina Magnesium Corp28/10/2014
CNICenturia Capital24/12/2015
CQRCharter Hall Retail REIT06/03/2017
CSLCSL Ltd27/10/2016
CSRCSR Ltd21/03/2016
CSVCSG Ltd12/03/2016
CVCCVC Ltd12/12/2015
CVWClearView Wealth19/12/2013
CWNHACrown Resorts Ltd06/03/2017
CWNCrown Resorts Ltd20/03/2017
CYACentury Australia Investments24/03/2017
CYGCoventry Group23/11/2015
DJWDjerriwarrh Investments17/02/2017
DUIDiversified United Investments01/06/2016
EAIEllerston Asia Investments27/09/2016
EMFEmerging Markets Masters Fund21/12/2016
EZLEuroz Ltd01/01/2017
FIDFiducian Group03/03/2015
FRI Finbar Group08/12/2014
GAPGale Pacific Ltd03/03/2017
GDIGDI Property Group06/02/2017
GOWGowing Bros20/06/2012
GPTGeneral Property Group06/05/2016
HMLHenry Morgan Ltd27/12/2016
HOTHotCopper Holdings02/11/2016
ICNIcon Energy26/02/2015
IPEIPE Ltd12/11/2016
ITDITL Ltd28/11/2016
JBHJB Hi-Fi12/09/2016
KATKatana Capital03/01/2017
KBCKeybridge Capital18/01/2017
KBCCPAKeybridge Capital18/01/2017
LLCLend Lease Corp28/08/2015
MFFMFF Capital Investments13/08/2015
MGPManaged Accounts Holdings14/08/2015
MHMMHM Metals17/02/16
NGENew Guinea Energy18/08/16
OCLObjective Corp26/02/2016
OPGOPUS Group09/12/2016
ORLOroton Group26/04/2016
OZGOzgrowth Ltd30/12/2015
PMEPro Medicus01/04/2016
POPPrimary Opinion Ltd01/03/2017
PTMPlatinum Asset Management04/10/2016
QBEQBE Insurance Group17/03/2017
REYRey Resources24/05/2016
RIORio Tinto01/03/2017
RNDRand Mining12/12/2015
RNTRentUp to 21/3/17
SDGSunland Group27/12/2016
SGMSims Metal Management16/12/2016
SIPSigma Pharmaceuticals13/10/2014
SMXSMS Management & Tech15/06/2015
SRXSirtex Medical17/4/17 to 8/9/17
SVLSilver Mines Ltd8/3/17 to 20/4/17
SVWSeven Group Holdings12/03/2017
SWKSwick Mining Services21/12/2016
TBRTribune Resources28/09/2015
TGGTempleton Global Growth Fund26/02/2016
TGGTempleton Global Growth Fund20/03/2017
TOT360 Capital Total Return28/03/2016
VSCVita Life Sciences13/05/2016
WICWestoz Investment Co30/12/2015

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