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FYI | Sep 28 2012

By Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor FNArena

I joined Twitter. Not because I am curious what this celebrity has to say about her kids, or to read that another one is waiting for a connecting flight, impatiently. Twitter allows me to follow news and commentary sources such as Dow Jones' Marketwatch, Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal. It assists me in keeping up with what is happening across the globe, while I am observing and analysing financial markets myself.

While I am on Twitter, reading a quote here and a news flash there, I offer my own succinct insights and commentary. Those amongst you who have already discovered the virtues of a Twitter account can add my Tweets to their daily news via @filapek.

For those who have no intention to join Twitter, but would like to stay up to date, below are my Tweets from the week past:

– A Chinese Mega City Is On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

– It does happen! Broker with drinking problem pushed up the price of oil in 2009

– Barclays chartists report downward pressure building for . Support near US$2050. If broken target shifts to near US$1970/tonne

– Spot price rose by 50c to US$104.20 a tonne – this time not following metals that all suffered declines last night

– The Lynas saga that simply won't go away – Malaysian High Court delays temporary license

– Morgan Stanley says investor attitude towards miners is changing: all about achieving returns and creating value for shareholders now

– This one fits in nicely with my thesis – the enigmatic strength of the Aussie dollar 2/2

– Thesis of Perpetually Incomplete Information in Financial Markets – enigmas of Oz unemployment and iron ore 1/2

– Macquarie analysts returned from visit: at least it's not getting worse… analysts "hope" economic data are stabilising this quarter

– Why did shares drop more than BHP Billiton's overnight? Citi downgraded to Neutral as upside for prices now "capped"

– Unchanged. China import Fines Fe62closed at US$103.70/tonne yesterday. Change: 0.00%

– Barclays doesn't believe QE3 will turn out a game changer for , because economies are too weak – with the exception of gold

– Morgan Stanley chief equity strategist Adam Parker: QE3 will soon prove insufficient, thus Fed will announce QE4 before year-end

– GS US eqty strategist D Kostin: S&P500 should fall sharply after election as investors realize “fiscal cliff” possibly not resolved smoothly

– Noteworthy tidbit: DJIA has now closed weaker on 15 out of past 16 Mondays. It's time for a reunion tour of the Boomtown Rats

– Spot price now easing in line with LME base metals. Yesterday saw 2.6% retreat to US$103.70 a tonne

– China hard landing spreading : Leighton Holdings Said to Hire Banks for Meetings

– China's problems of waste and corruption – a look inside

– Last week: DJIA down 0.1%, Nasdaq down 0.1% and S&P500 down 0.4% – weren't we supposed to have a QE3 rally?

– A Must Read for everyone with only the slightest interest in China (but all others too) – understanding China easier

– JP Morgan strategist Lee explains case for a "melt up" in US equity markets… this year

– China import Fines Fe62 down -US$2.70 on Friday translating into a loss of -2.48% from Thursday. New price US$106.40/t

You can add my regular Tweets on Twitter via @filapek

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