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Equinox Reversal?

FYI | Sep 25 2012

FNArena has added another video to its Investors Education section on the website. This week ATW's Jerry Simmons looks at US equities and the possibility of a reversal, with a nod to the history of reversals occurring on the four significant solar calendar dates — the solstices and equinoxes. September 21 was the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere.

A further breakdown in the China top-25 ETF will be a significant event if it occurs, Jerry suggests.

Analyses are also provided for oil and gas, soybeans an corn, US 30-year bonds and the euro and yen.

To view the ATW Strategic Prep Video click  HERE or visit the FNArena Investors Education section of the website.

All views expressed are Jerry Simmons's, not FNArena's (see our disclaimer).

Jerry Simmons has over 25 years of full-time trading experience. He is the senior partner and head mentor for the “Masters” Programme within the education system at New York based Advanced Trading Workshop (ATW).

FNArena is pleased to have Jerry Simmons as a highly valued contributor to its service which aims at both educating investors and assisting them with their own market analyses.

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